book reviews

Blake Escape: book reviews

Peace activists Pat Pottle and Michael Randle outside the Old Bailey

Reviews of books by Geroge Blake and the two libertarian activists who helped him to escape from prison in 1966.

Subversion reviews of Collectivities publications

Subversion reviews of "A Ballad Against Work" and "Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy".

Oppositions: some anarchist writings of Ida Mett [Book review]

We like it when people send us interesting things they've just published. Steimer Press have just published a pamplet devoted to Ida Mett.

Book Reviews - Black Flag #223 (2003)

Book reviews from Black Flag #223 (2003).

Book Review: 'We Move Together'

A review of a book for younger readers on the topic of disability.

Book Review: ‘Salvador Puig Antich’

A book review of an anthology of writings about the Catalan Anarchist Salvador Puig Antich.

Review: Evolution and Environment by Peter Kropotkin

Book review from Black Flag #219 (2000).