Direct Action #40 (May-June 1987)

Issue #40 of Direct Action, with an article about the Ardbride/Laura Ashley strikers breaking with the T&GWU union, YTS schemes and vocational education, nuclear power, a conference about VDU work, Direct Action Groups fighting the dictatorship in Chile, struggles against the "socialist" government in Spain, a Chilean exile banned from Northern Ireland, a special anti-electoral supplement, the need for a rank-and-file movement and all-out strike action in the civil service, the Keetons strike in Sheffield, SAS killings in Northern Ireland, the police protecting the BNP, compulsory sterilisation, the Midlands Trader dispute, an interview with the Australian BLF, and more.

Direct Action #35 (December 1986)

Issue #35 of Direct Action, with articles on privatisation, nationalisation, and workers' control, TUC "realism", print trade unionists threatened with prison, a dispute at J E Hangers in Roehampton, the Silentnight and Wapping disputes, bus service and council cuts, rail news, pollution on the Rhine, repression against the BLF in Australia, anarcho-syndicalism in South America, the drug industry, Enoch Powell no-platformed in Bristol, Labour suggesting ID cards for the unemployed, the NF's Remembrance Day march, the NHS, the idea of a social general strike, reviews of writings about Hungary 1956, a new union-management deal in engineering, cervical cancer screenings, and more.

Green bans people 1971-75

People involved in green bans

Historical information about many of the key individuals and groups involved in the "green bans" by Australian construction workers in the early 1970s.

List of green bans, 1971-1974

Green bans map

A list and map of green bans in New South Wales from 1971, compiled in June 1974. Green bans were refusals of construction workers to work on environment- and community-damaging building projects.

Victoria nurses' strike, 1986 - Liz Ross

Striking nurses march, 1986

The history of the second state-wide strike of nurses in Victoria, Australia against cuts and over wages, conditions and staff/patient ratios, which won its demands, with the solidarity of other workers.

1971-1974: Green bans by builders in Australia

Kelly's Bush

A history of the massive campaign of industrial action by building workers which protected the environment and local communities by enacting green bans - refusals to work on harmful construction projects.

The Kelly's Bush green ban, 1971

women demonstrate to save Kelly's Bush

A short account of how construction workers saved the Kelly's Bush area of park land in Australia from development by refusing to work, and kick-started a movement of environmentally-minded industrial action.