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Reviews of Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill, Camden Parasites by Daniel Lux, Anarchist by Ian Bone, Heavy Burden on Young Shoulders, Prisoners and Partisans by Kate Sharpley Library and Rigoberto Menchu and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans by David Stoll.

From Black Flag #218 1999.

The Brazilian Anarchist Uprising of 1918 – Black Flag

87 years ago Rio de Janeiro was shaken by a series of events that in one of the most important episodes in the history of the Brazilian workers' movement: an insurrectionary strike designed to bring down oligarchic republican government and replace it with a workers' and soldiers' council.

From Black Flag #218 1999.

Obituary: Karl Kreuger December 1946 - March 1999

Obituary of Dutch anarchist Karl Kreuger, from Black Flag #218 1999.

Review: Film & the Anarchist Imagination by Richard Porton

Book review from Black Flag #218 1999.

Prisoners - Black Flag

Mark Barnsley

Round up of prisoner solidarity from Black Flag #218, 1999.

Action Report Indonesia by Front Anti-Fascist (FAF) in Bandung

A short news piece from Black Flag #218 1999.

The Medicine Still Isn't Working: Hayek's Economics Exposed – Black Flag

Article on the neoliberalism of New Labour and the folly of Hayek from Black Flag #218 1999.

May Day In Medellin, Columbia – Black Flag

Article from Black Flag #218 1999.