Big Flame

What next for engineers? - Ken Weller

1972 reprint by Big Flame of a Solidarity pamphlet by Ken Weller about the learnings for workers from the ten-week strike at Ford Dagenham in 1962, as Ford management begin to get tough at the Halewood plant.

Bendix: how the workers took over - Big Flame

Two page broadsheet containing workers' accounts of the 1972 occupation of the Fisher-Bendix plant in Kirkby near Liverpool.

Letter to Solidarity on Fisher-Bendix - Big Flame

Critical letter from Big Flame to Solidarity in response to their pamphlet Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix occupation.

Fighting For Feminism: The Womens Question in an Italian Revolutionary Group

A set of letters from the Lotta Continua newspaper discussing the relationship between feminism, Marxism, the women's movement, and Lotta Continua. Translated and introduced by the Big Flame group. (PDF format)

What future for Zimbabwe now? 1980

Robert Mugabe, 1980.

This article from late 1980 shows that even in the midst of general euphoria at the collapse of Ian Smith’s Rhodesia there was plenty of evidence on how things might develop under Mugabe, for those willing to look. The authors were active in the Anti-Apartheid movement.

Solidarity and the neo-narodniks - Solidarity

Solidarity's polemic aimed at Big Flame, following an exchange around the events of the Fisher Bendix occupation.