Brussels, after the terrorist suicide bomb attacks…

When after the terrorist suicide attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, the same sort of attacks occured in Brussels, by the Netherlands blog , with the feeble voice I have, I called workers to make their voices heard and to discuss with each other some reflections on the nationalist and 'security' campaigns following the bombs.

International Council Correspondence Volume 1, Number 11

The Volume 1, Number 11 (September 1935) issue of International Council Correspondence.

Fighting to win: the history of an anarchist amongst a thousand others - Boris Dumont

A short pamphlet by Boris Dumont written in 1993 about his experiences as a revolutionary urban guerrilla. Published by Black Economy Books and the Anarchist Black Cross.

Belgium: the general strike - Solidarity

Pamphlet from January 1961 with first-hand news and accounts of the huge general strike in Belgium which was ongoing against the introduction of the "Loi Unique" which would reduce workers' purchasing power. Produced by Agitator (later renamed Solidarity) and New Generation, paper of the Young Socialist League, youth wing of the Independent Labour Party, much of it was written by Maurice Brinton under the pseudonym Martin Grainger.

Belgium general strike

Yesterday there was a 24 hour general strike in Belgium by public sector workers.

ArcelorMittal: Fighting against closures? Intensify the struggle to make the boss pay! - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu

Blast Furnace

This is the English translation of a leaflet distributed in Liège, Belgium at a steelworkers' demo organised by the unions on 26 Oct 2011.

Mouvement Communiste presentation

A brief introduction to the ideas of French-Belgian group Mouvement Communiste.

Carrefour delivery drivers strike

Supermarket giant Carrefour was faced with empty shelves in its stores across Belgium on Wednesday after a strike by delivery drivers.

Total Refinery in Dunkerque occupied

Striking workers occupied Total's refinery in Dunkerque after management refused to meet an ultimatum over negotiations.