Socialism or Chaos

Socialism or Chaos

Pamphlet of the Socialist Party of Australia, a companion party of the World Socialist Movement, published around March 1948.

Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red

The history of the left is usually told as one of factionalism and division. This collection of essays casts new light to show how the boundaries between Marxism and anarchism have been more porous and fruitful than is conventionally recognised.

“I saw the bright ones arrive”: Idealism, alienation, and persistence in the personal legacies of Australian involvement in the Spanish Civil War

This article explores the little-acknowledged story of Australians who volunteered in the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. Specific focus is placed on understanding how the experience affected their later years, particularly in the historical context of the Cold War society in which they lived out the remainder of their lives.

Left communism in Australia: J.A. Dawson and the "Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils" - Steve Wright

Steve Wright on Jim Dawson and the 'Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils'. First published in 'Thesis Eleven' #1 (1980), pp. 43-77.

Port Adelaide struggles, 1928-1931

Strikers congregate near the police station

Photo gallery of the strikes and riots at Port Adelaide in Australia which began in 1928 when the employers introduced new working conditions. They cut workers' break time - when workers already did 16 to 48 hour shifts, and crucially strengthened the "bull system", whereby bosses would handpick workers. This meant not only workers having to wait around for hours each day to potentially not get any work but also that union workers could be denied hiring. Union leaders rapidly called off the action but workers continued to fight for three years.

Marie E.J. Pitt, 1869-1948

Marie Pitt

A short biography of Australian radical poet, feminist and ecologist Marie EJ Pitt, written by PD Gardner. We reproduce the article in its original form, although readers should be aware that although it is stated Pitt was an anarchist, she was a member of the Socialist Party, and abhorrent racist views she held, like opposition to interracial relationships, are not mentioned.

Skint Part 1: Wages and Productivity

Long read on what is happening with wages in Australia and why arguments that say increasing productivity will make us richer are wrong.

Homegrown Communism - recollections of the Young Communist League in 1930s Brisbane - by Ron Brown

Ron Brown remembers his times with the Young Communist League in Brisbane during the 1930s.

Secret Handshakes and Health Care in Australia

A booklet published by The Grand United Order of Oddfellows telling the story of how health services spread around Australia through the 'lodge network' and enabled working people to insure themselves against sickness, death and unemployment.

Body Snatchers- The Theft of Radical's Body Parts.

Originally provided by the Question Mark Collective as part of an anthology on Australian Troublemakers, a few examples of the ruling bodies of Australia desecration and denigration of those who opposed them.