Augusto Pinochet

Authoritarian Neoliberalism: the Specter of Pinochet

Vaporwave Pinochet

This essay explores the rise of populist demagogues and the economics of their regimes. Rather than marking a clear break with neoliberalism or a direct tie to early twentieth century fascism, these figures historically connect to the regime of Augusto Pinochet and illustrate a growing trend of authoritarian-neoliberalism.

Invisible Hand and Iron Fist: Alejandro Ruess

An article detailing the effect of Pinochet Dictatorship in reshaping Chilean society even after the return of civilian rule.

Understanding the Chilean Elections: Part I, Setting the Stage

Contrary to the occasional superficial report in the English-language media, the Chilean political and economic system is in a profound, long-term crisis of legitimacy that was in no way changed by the widely boycotted 2014 presidential election. Part I of a 2-part series.