E09: The National Front in the 1970s

12 Rules for What is joined by historian Dave Renton to discuss the National Front in the 1970s (UK).

E08: Generation Identity

The 12 Rules for What podcast discusses the white supremacist identitarian group Generation Identity.

E07: National Action

12 Rules for What are joined by journalist James Poulter to discuss the neo-nazi extremist group National Action

E06: Fascism and the Occult

!2 Rules for What discusses the historical and contemporary interactions of fascist movements and occult thinking.

E05: On the Christchurch Attack

Alex from 12 Rules For What makes an appearance on Dissident Island to discuss the Christchurch shooting

E04: Neofascism

12 Rules for What discuss the concept of neo-fascism as a political label and tool of analysis.

E03: All About Steve (Tommy Robinson)

We discuss the UK's leading far right activist, Tommy Robinson, and are joined for an interview by two members of London Antifascists.

E02: Fascism and Masculinity

The 12 Rules for What podcast are joined by Amy from Feminist Anti-Fascists to discuss fascism and masculinity.

E01: Introduction to the 12 Rules for What podcast

Introductory episode of the 12 Rules for What podcast on fascism, antifascism and the far right.

Interview with Anti Racist Action (Minneapolis)- Maximumrocknroll, 1989

Interview with Kieran of Anti Racist Action by Martin Sprouse and Tim Yohannan. From Maximumrocknroll #78, November 1989