The Fighting-call bulletin

Partial online archive of Fighting-call, a Spanish workers' journal of the Freedom Group and Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation with information from the Spanish anarchist organisations CNT-FAI during the Civil War.

The Fighting-call. Vol. 1, no. 2

The second edition of Fighting-call, a journal of the Freedom Group and Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, from November 1936.

Schneider, Ernst Wilhelm, (1883-1963) Aka Ikarus

Wilhelmshaven revolt

A short biography of the German revolutionary seaman Ernst Schneider

Left-wing communism in Britain 1917-21...An infantile disorder? - Bob Jones

A survey of the anti-parliamentarist communist movement in Britain during and after WWI, and the effects of Comintern/Bolshevik directives on the efforts at organisational unity.

Class War on the Home Front (PDFs)

Guy Aldred

Class War on the Home Front, a history of the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, in printable PDF format.

McDougal, William, 1894-1981

William McDougal

A short biography of Scottish anarchist William C. McDougal, who was active in opposition to the First World War.

1917-1945: Anti-Parliamentary Communism: The movement for workers councils in Britain - Mark Shipway

Sylvia Pankhurst

A history of the libertarian socialist movement in the UK in the first half of the 20th century, focusing in particular on the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation.

Class War on the home front - revolutionary opposition to the Second World War: the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation

Wildcat's excellent pamphlet on the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation in the first half of the 20th century, and its contributions to debates around the Spanish civil war, World War II and the role of revolutionary organisation.