The defeat of the old workers movement and the failure of the revolutionary minorities - Antagonism

A look at the level of defeat in the proletariat of mid-90s Britain.

Primitive communism versus integral communism - Antagonism

Article reflecting on primitive communism, and discussing what a future communist society must comprise, if capitalism is to be permanently displaced.

Workerism - Antagonism

A communist critique of workerism, which also partly a self-critique of the authors' own tendencies.

Class analysis for anti-capitalist struggle - Antagonism

Article on the use and necessity of class analysis in the struggle for human community. We do not agree with all of it, for example the comments on the middle class and teachers but reproduce it as an interesting contribution.

Murdering the dead: Amadeo Bordiga on capitalism and other disasters - Antagonism

Antagonism's introduction to a collection of articles by Amadeo Bordiga, looking at how capitalism both exacerbates, and creates, supposedly 'natural' disasters.