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Chinese millionaires fork out thousands to satisfy their urge to kill

Chinese Hunter

It seems the new parasitic class of Chinese millionaires are not content with merely making millions through exploiting the Chinese working class. Increasing numbers of them are now choosing to spend these millions to pay for the right to kill animals all over the world, spending up to 498,800 yuan (about £49,880) on a single hunting holiday. Both the business owners and top ranking government officials are reveling in this new opportunity to act like complete wankers.

Animal liberation or social revolution?

A debate between Subversion and Steve on animal rights.

Academic Freedom Issues in 'Terrorist' Court Case

A sociology graduate student who researches 'radical activist groups' is under pressure from a US court.

ALF bombings in Mexico lead to anti-student witchhunt

Student activists are targeted on Mexico's notoriously independent and active public university campuses following a string of bomb attacks in the vein of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) tactics.

Reply to Undercurrent - Antagonism and Practical History

The authors of Beasts of Burden respond to Undercurrent's review of the article.

Crack Fix Propaganda: A work of fan fiction

Fan fiction about a day in the life misanthropic animal rights nutter "anarchist" punk, Crack Fix Propaganda.

Letter on animal liberation - Gilles Dauvé

This is a letter sent by French readers to the authors of Beasts of Burden.

This pamphlet has the merit of addressing a vital question: If communism is to transform the whole of daily life, it can't leave out our relation to animals and the way we eat. Beasts of Burden forces to rethink the whole "primitivist" debate. We hope to tackle this some day.

A critique of animal rights ideology

Are animals a class? It is a sign of our times that many people probably respond to this question with a resounding: "Hmmmm, this takes some consideration.", instead of a prompt: "No, bollocks."