Anarki: Akin ang Buhay Ko — Sariling Determinasyon at Pagpapasya Tungo sa Panlipunang Rebolusyon

An introduction to Anarchy written in Filipino.

Anarchy #054

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in August 1965, this issue focuses on famous German Anarchists.

Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago

A pamphlet arguing for an anarchist alternative for the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Kontra Corona, Kontra Pulitika

An anarchist statement on the current COVID-19 crisis written by an anarchist in the Philippines.

Sa Pag-Usab Sa Tanang Butang: usa ka anarkistang pagsangpit

CrimethInc's classic pamphlet on anarchism, To Change Everything translated into Bisaya/Cebuano.

Neither State Nor Market: An Anarchist Perspective on Social Welfare

Millett argues that state welfare is a function of social control and that social welfare can only be considered as a function of empowerment. Their proposed anarchist alternative is mutual aid.

Post-Colonial Anarchism

A discussion of anarchism from a post-colonial perspectives. Also discusses the place of nationalism in anarchism.

An Anarchist Response to Ebola: Visions and Questions

ADYE, a free self-organised healthcare clinic in Exarchia

Anarchists are part of the global conversation on what's broken in the world, but when things really fall apart—like with the Ebola or Coronavirus outbreaks—is the state the only answer? How might a stateless society respond to a challenge like this one? This article provides an anarchist response to these questions, while highlighting issues that require those of us with anarchist politics to carefully think through our position. This article was originally posted in two parts at Anarchist Agency.

Repormer At Pulitiko

A translation of Alexander Berkman's “Reformer and Politician” from What is Communist Anarchism?

Libera Laboristo

La gazeto de Anarĥismaj-Esperantistoj en la 1920s.