Alexander Shliapnikov

Shliapnikov, Alexander, 1885-1937

Alexander Shliapnikov

Biography of working class Bolshevik, Alexander Shliapnikov, active in the Workers' Opposition movement who was eventually purged from the party and executed for his activities.

Appeal of the 22 - Alexander Shliapnikov

Lenin and Trotsky with troops in Petrograd, 1921

Appeal by members of the Workers' Opposition group for support against Bolshevik forces trying to silence their dissent within the party. Distributed at the Eleventh Russian Communist Party Congress in 1922.

Theses of the Workers Opposition - Alexander Shliapnikov

All Russian Central Council of Trade Unions members

Original thesis of the Workers' Opposition group within the Bolshevik Party, arguing for greater trade union control of the economy. Written in 1919, it was published in Pravda on January 25, 1921.

On the relations between the Russian Communist Party, the soviets and production unions - Alexander Shliapnikov

Thesis of Workers' Opposition member, Alexander Shliapnikov, given at the ninth Bolshevik Party congress in March 1920.