Wildcat strikes break out at Canadian airports

Ground Crew at Toronto and Montreal Airports have walked off the job in support of three colleagues who were suspended for heckling a government minister. The government respond by threatening to use the police to break up the strike.

Ryanair don’t care international week of action round-up

This week has seen an international week of action against Ryanair. This is a brief collection of news articles, blog reports, and film clips from over the week.

Ryanair Don't Care protest at Everton v Man City game

Ryanair Don't Care campaigner John Foley handcuffed himself to the goalposts during last night's Premier League match between Everton and Man City at Goodison Park.

Ryanair Don't Care week of action (commencing March 12th 2012)

The Ryanair Don't Care campaign is calling for a week of action against exploitation and recruitment-scamming by Ryanair starting on March 12th 2012.

General Strike in Portugal.

Portugal, General Strike, November 24th 2011

A 24-hour strike in Portugal against proposed austerity measures has grounded flights and halted public transport.

Hundreds of thousands of workers took part in the action, including air traffic controllers, metro workers, teachers and hospital staff.

Philippine national flag carrier planning to stike

Philippine Airlines workers protest, 2010.

Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) union is planning to strike (again!) for the nth time. This same union was asking last year for the Philippine state to intervene in the management-union conflict. Then, this same union again felt "disappointed" with the state decision!

Portugal shut down by general strike

Nearly empty check-in a hall of Lisbon's international airport.

A 24-hour general strike protesting the government’s austerity policies largely paralysed Portugal on Wednesday, with planes grounded, trains cancelled and rubbish going uncollected.

The class struggles in India

Kolkata airport staff strike, 2008.

A quick round up of some of the strikes which have taken place (or are being planned) around India in the past couple of weeks.

Anti-austerity strikes hamper tourism in Greece

Strikes by airspace control officers and petrol-carrying truck drivers are causing long delays and serious lack of fuel across Greece.