Workers' protest rally in Kamalganj two tea gardens, Bangladesh

Tea workers protesting at the Gate of Authorities Office

Activist Tea Workers said that the workers 'wages agreement for tea workers at the end of every two years has expired but the workers' wages agreement has expired in January of the year 2017. Since the new agreement has not been signed for a long time, family members of five to seven members of the daily wage of 85 rupees are forced to run their family in distress. A memorandum was passed to two tea garden managers demanding the implementation of the wage agreement.

Beyond the agrarian revolution - Peter Jonas

Agricultural workers

The text translated below discusses the role of the agrarian revolution in marxist political movements and the underlying historical/theoretical assumptions about capitalist development. It also goes into the current state of affairs resulting from the global demise of the independent peasantry and revolutionary peasant movements, and asks what remains of a communist agrarian programme.