Adam Buick

The Alternative To Capitalism - Adam Buick and John Crump

Cover of "The Alternative To Capitalism" by Adam Buick and John Crump

E-book by Adam Buick and John Crump on capitalism and its revolutionary alternative.

The role of the soviets in Russia's bourgeois revolution: the point of view of Julius Martov - Adam Buick

Julius Martov

Questions the assumption that the form of working class organisation to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism has been found in the workers' "soviets" or councils such as those that appeared during the Russian revolution. Looks at Martov's work "The State and the Socialist Revolution".

The theory of the collapse of capitalism - Anton Pannekoek

Anton Pannekoek.

Pannekoek applies his critique to the theories of Luxemburg and Grossman - and shows why capitalism will never collapse due to any internal systemic contradictions, but only by the conscious action of the working class. "The self-emancipation of the proletariat is the collapse of capitalism."