Wildcat UK #5 1985

Issue 5 of Wildcat from June/July 1985, including Miners Strike, South Africa, pigs murder Italian activist Pietro Greco, Pannekoek's "The Fight", strikes in Denmark, class struggle in the classroom, AIDS panic,

PDF courtesy of Splits and Fusions archive.

London Workers Group Bulletin #14 October 1983

LWG bulletin from late 1983.

PDF courtesy of Sparrows Nest archive, Nottingham

London Workers Group Bulletin #13 February 1983

An issue of the LWG bulletin from 1983. Contents include NHS Dispute, ASLEF strike, Work or Dole?, Correspondence, Unemployed Groups, Press Agency job report, The Economic Crisis.

London Workers Group Bulletin #9 December 1980

London Workers Group bulletin from December 1980. Contents include Poland, unions, secretarial work, apprenticeships, job reports, "Autonomous Groups - what are they?".

Scan courtesy of Sparrows Nest archive in Nottingham.

Angry Workers' Bulletin #2 1988

Second issue of Angry Workers' Bulletin, published 1988.

With thanks to the comrades at Splits and Fusions archive for scanning.

Angry Workers' Bulletin #1 1986

First issue of Angry Workers' Bulletin, published Summer 1986.

With thanks to the comrades at Splits and Fusions archive for scanning.

Angry Workers' Bulletin

Online archive of Angry Workers Bulletin, published in the mid to late 1980s in Berkeley, California.

The publication's influences included the German and Dutch left-communists and the Situationist International.

Not to be confused with Angry Workers of the World.

The scans of issues 1 and 2 are courtesy of the Splits and Fusions archive.

Anarchist Black Dragon

An archive of Anarchist Black Dragon, a publication produced by the anarchist communist prisoner Carl Harp and others held at Washington State Penitentiary from around 1978-1982. Taken from the collection at the Anarchist Black Dragon noblogs site.

London Workers Group Bulletin #8 June 1980

Issue 8 of the LWG bulletin, scanned in by Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.

Contents include: Provincial Newspapers Wages Struggle, Post Office struggles, Direct Action Movement conference report, British Rail, Pour Une Intervention Communiste write, LWG - first quarter of 1980, 5th Congress of the CNT-AIT.

Wildcat UK #8 1986

Wildcat #8 1986.

Taken from Splits and Fusions archive.