12 Rules For What

E43: Facts Don't Care About Your (fascist) Feelings

In this episode we talk about feelings, not our own feelings but fascist ones.

E42: White Skin, Black Fuel w/ Andreas Malm And Lise Benoist

Alex and Sam talk with two members of the Zetkin Collective, Andreas Malm and Lise Benoist about their new book, White Skin Black Fuel.

E41: The History of Nazi Ecologism W/ Peter Staudenmaier

Sam goes through the history of Nazi ecologism with its most prominent historians: Peter Staudenmaier.

E40: Online radicalisation and memes w/ Joshua Citarella

12 Rules for WHAT sit down with Joshua Citarella to discuss his research into online radicalisation, the far right's own personal hamster wheels, and the question of the final meme of all.

E39: QAnon and anti-lockdown in the UK

We talk to QAnon researcher Annie Kelly about how QAnon has developed in the UK.

E38: On Conspirituality w/ Matthew Remski

Sam talks to Matthew Remski about his research into conspirituality.

E37: Tory Authoritarianism and Kill the Bill w/ Dave Renton

We are joined by historian, writer and lefty lawyer Dave Renton to go in depth on the policing bill and Tory authoritarianism.

E36: Anti-fascist RPGs and Nerd Culture w/ Postcards from Cable Street

We talk to three creators of Postcards from Cable street, a new anti-fascist RPG zine, about nerd culture, creating anti-fascist RPGs, and fighting back against reactionary elements in nerd culture.

E35: On the Draconian Policing Bill

Sam and Alex discuss the new Policing Bill in the UK and what it means for anti-fascism.

E34: Stuart Christie's Life and Legacy w/ The Stuart Christie Memorial Archive

Jess Thorne joins us to discuss the life and passing of Stuart Christie, one of the UK's most famous anarchists who is perhaps best known for participating in a plot to assasinate Franco in 1964.