South America

Hondurans burn government buildings, demand that US drug enforcement agencies leave

After US DEA agents shot 4 villagers in northeastern Honduras, angry residents burned government offices and demanded that the DEA leave.

Non-Western Anarchisms: Rethinking the global context

Non-Western Anarchisms

Written by Jason Adams as an attempt to reconceptualize the history and theory of first-wave anarchism on the global level, and to reconsider its relevance to the continuing anarchist project.

Manifesto of the Federación Anarquista Revolucionaria de Venezuela

Manifesto of the newly formed Federación Anarquista Revolucionaria de Venezuela (FARV), an anarchist political organization based in Venezuela.

Chilean miners strike and join wave of protest against government

Protests outside the Escondida mine

Strikes in Chilean mines strengthen workers' struggles throughout the copper industry, and reflect growing political unrest in Chile.

Saint Che: The Truth Behind the Legend of the Heroic Guerilla, Ernesto Che Guevara

In this text, Gambone gives a unique and concise perspective on the life of Guevara, when there are precious few written anarchist perspectives on the Cuban Revolution in general, and helps us move beyond the baggage of the Marxist-Leninist Left, while keeping it in perspective.

What is the International Circle of Antibolshevik Communists?

Statement by the Círculo Internacional de Comunistas Antibolcheviques on its origins and purpose.

Manifesto of the International Circle of Antibolshevik Communists

Manifesto of the Círculo Internacional de Comunistas Antibolcheviques, a Latin American grouping of communist militants.

Especifismo: The anarchist praxis of building popular movements and revolutionary organization in South America - Adam Weaver

Lucha Libertaria (Libertarian Struggle), Uruguayan Anarchist Federation paper.

The theory and history of Especifismo explained and elaborated on and its similarities and differences with Platformism.

Latin American Anarchism by Chuck Morse

A review of three Spanish-language books on anarchism in Latin America

Peru: National mining strike to start on Monday

Peruvian miners' march, May 2007

Peru's biggest federation of mining unions said workers will go on strike nationwide starting on Monday despite efforts by the government to avert the walkout, officials said on Sunday.