Eastern Europe

Language teaching, open plan education, and organising prospects in the industry

A blog entry detailing my recent experiences as a language worker--examining the structure of my particular workplace and potential opportunities for organising in the industry.

The Hungarian workers' revolution

A pamphlet by the Syndicalist Workers' Federation on the Hungarian revolution of 1956. Originally published in '57, this is the revised second edition which includes by a preface by Terry Liddle.

Recurring Dreams - the red heart of fascism

At the heart of the cancerous desires of today's left.

Excerpts From Europe

travelogue by zoe noe

Matiushenko, Afanasy Nikolaevich 1879-1907

Afanasy Matiushenko

A biography of Afanasy Matiushenko, who was one of the key mutineers on the Battleship Potemkin, immortalised by Eisenstein's film, which helped kick-start the 1905 Revolution.

Strike wave sweeps Finland

Senate Square, Helsinki

Finland is experiencing its worst outbreak of industrial unrest for a generation after relations between the right-leaning government coalition and powerful trade unions collapsed over wage negotiations.

Poland: Bus drivers win strike

Bus drivers in Kielce have won their strike against privatisation.

1919-1922: The Workers’ Opposition

Leading Workers' Opposition activist, Alexandra Kollontai

A short history of a group within the Russian Communist Party that struggled against the increasing party bureaucracy and for trade union control over industry which, by 1922, had been forcibly disbanded by the party.

Counter-revolution and the Soviet Union - Gregori Maximov

The Red Army enter Tblisi, February 1921

Short essay by famous Russian anarchist, Gregori Maximov, on the defeat of the 1917 revolution by counter-revolution from within.

Medvedev, Sergei Pavlovich, 1885-1937

Petrograd Soviet, 1917

Story of the life of Bolshevik metal worker and member of the Workers' Opposition group, Sergei Medvedev, who, like many others who criticised his party's bureaucracy, was executed by the party he spent the majority of his life serving.