The Class Struggle in Africa - Samir Amin

The Class Struggle in Africa - Samir Amin

In this 1964 pamphlet, Samir Amin surveys the development of classes and class relations in Africa from the earliest village communities to the neo-colonial formations of his present day. He critiques attempts to transpose traditional European Marxist analyses onto the history of Africa and surveys the prospects for socialism on the continent while expressing scepticism of those who would 'socialist form' to pre-capitalist African social relations.

Stanley’s exploits, or, civilising Africa

David Nicoll berates Stanley and his cheerleaders in the press who thought that massacring Africans in the cause of ‘civilising’ them was a price worth paying!


Achille Mbembe

An essay tracing the origin of modern sovereignty to the right over life and death.

The society of enmity

Achille Mbembe

The contemporary era is undoubtedly characterized by forms of exclusion, hostility, hate movements, and, above all, by the struggle against an enemy. As a result, liberal democracies – already considerably ground down by the forces of capital, technology and militarism – are now being drawn into a colossal process of inversion.

The African Liberation Reader (Vols. 1 - 3)

The African Liberation Reader

The three volumes of the African Liberation Reader collect documents from national liberation movements across Africa. Many of these movements would go on to be highly authoritarian once in state power.

Experiences of Democracy in Africa: Reflections on Practices of Communalist Palaver as a Method of Resolving Contradictions

Ernest Wamba-dia-Wamba

A classic essay on popular democracy in African tradition by Ernest Wamba-dia-Wamba, who was referred to as 'the gurerilla professor', when he left his academic post to join the Rally for Congolese Democracy.

Emancipation, freedom of taxonomy? What does it mean to be African?

Amilcar Cabral

Firoze Manji, drawing on a libertarian and anti-state reading of Amilcar Cabral, looks at the politics of African identity.

An Open Letter to my Compatriots in Algeria

Seeking to erode Algerian-Moroccan enmities stoked by nationalism and to share perspectives on his own experiences in the February 20th Movement in Morocco, a Moroccan filmmaker addresses Algerians who have taken to the streets starting on February 22, 2019 in a plea against authoritarianism.

Amussu: An Experiment for a Cinema from Below

The villagers of Imider marching against Africa's biggest silver mine.

An indigenous filmmaker's theoretical and practical reflections on the decolonisation of North African cinema, collective filmic narratives, direct action and community-run film production through the upcoming documentary, "Amussu." The film trailer can be viewed here.