would links to maintream unions be okay?

63% (5 votes)
38% (3 votes)
Total votes: 8

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Apr 27 2005 13:48


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Apr 27 2005 13:48

Okay there has been a new layout added to the news section, but all old news can still be found on a link at the bottom of the page.

Front page was bare so i filled it up with a pic, if you dont want that pic or think we should have something else on there, tell me and ill change it.

Thought section was updated, i am still waiting for more contributions.

Also i am going to update the links section, and make it bigger. if anyone disagrees with any of the links, tell me and i can remove it.

Also i need people to give me dates for the diary such as the Leamington Peace Festival, G8 dissent meetings, and anything else which is relevant.

Also i need the minutes of the last biggest meeting so that i can put them up on the news section.

Also would links to maintream unions be okay?

Apr 27 2005 14:01

Also a proposed new colour and banner of teh site has been put on the thought section check it out and tell me what you think.

May 13 2005 21:12

I can see everyone is bothered.....

May 14 2005 17:57

alright mate, i'd say that it would preferable not to link main stream unions, mainly because although they can help with certain matters such as instances of discrimination in the workpace or ensuring that there is no bias regarding promotions of women and workers of an ethnic minority into positions of management, i dont think that they have enough theoretical competence or practical use with regards anarchist organising, and although they do do good deals on discounts at BnQ i reckon linking em may give people the wrong idea and most likely turn people away, linking say the IWW would be cool since they at least have a revolutionary stance and can also offer good advise regarding practical issues at work/have a good understanding of labour laws.

May 17 2005 18:41

Site updated, has anyone got anything they want to put in thought section. Ive just got to type up J's article and then taht will be a whole 2 things in the thought section! tongue

May 18 2005 09:24

Are you gonna have a grafitti section? I mean relevant graf, not dubs or tags, theres loads of good political graf round this neck of the woods.

May 18 2005 11:04

ooh you could even update your link from enrager to libcom! wink

This might be good for the library:

This is a much better feminist article than that nutter Anderberg's:

red n black star

May 19 2005 10:54

We could put up a graf section if we can find enough good stuff.

Ill see what everyone else wants to do with the thought section first.

May 19 2005 11:19

if you dont think its appropriate thats fine, but ive got loads of pics of political graf if you want them

May 19 2005 11:30
Vaneigemappreciationclub wrote:
if you dont think its appropriate thats fine, but ive got loads of pics of political graf if you want them

Yeah, ill put them up there. Just email them to me.

Sep 4 2005 16:24

Site updated a little. Though section has been added to, news has been updated and so has the links with a link to IAF-IFA added.

Also on the front page there are now links to Libcom, SF, AF, IWW and Indymedia UK.

we could do with some more additions to the news section and links section.

Sep 5 2005 00:35

cant we just have links on the links page rather than on the other pages

it looks a bit shit.

edited to add

would anyone object to the anarchist teapot being put on the links page.

smashing people 8)

Sep 5 2005 10:32

Ill put them up.

Sep 5 2005 14:24

ta 8)

Sep 23 2005 12:31

Class war has been added to the front aswell. Also i removed the big libcom link on the front page, we have got a direct link to the NO PASARAN section of libcom on the front instead, also j's anti chomsky article will be put up on the site today.

Other changes i want to make is to sort out the diary. I would also like to put a link to Labour Start UK, would that be okay with everyone?

Oct 11 2005 16:50

Updated the news section layout, it is all sexy and dark with a kick ass banner!

Also the front page has been slightly updated with a marquee and a new banner which i am not too convinced is that good, but i was hoping someone with skills could make a better one.

Oct 12 2005 13:21

dude, i appreciate your work, but: marquees are shite, please don't use them. what was wrong with the old banner? circled a's look shite and that font is just horrible. speaking of circled a's, would you like me to do a greyed down version of the wildcat to replace the one at the bottom right of the screen? was there a logical reason for not linking to the libcom front page? it's by far the best anarchist website on the internet now. and does indymedia's graphic have to be so big and ugly, isn't there are smaller one the same size as the libcom/nopasaran one, it would look better, and also not make it seem so important, because it is pretty shit and full on conspiracy theory bollocks, and may give the wrong impression about us and attract the wrong type of person. if you get my meaning wink

surely the design for all the pages of the site should be the same, it looks much better and not like people have left half the site unupdated for ages which is what it looks like when there's a different design on every section. and the news page looks wicked, yes, but i don't think it suits the group. if we change to being a black metal band, then we can use that one. there are enough anarchist websites with over the top macho black bloc images and far too much black for their own good without us joining them. obviously it's just my opinion, if everyone else likes it then fine... but i like the black writing on white background because: it's easier to read, especially people with sight difficulties etc.; it looks more serious for some reason, and less rock groupy/macho; i designed it wink .

well done for keeping it up to date though, i haven't looked at it for a while, hence the big list of things...

Oct 12 2005 15:06

Yeah wildcat > A

Ill change the banner back but we'll see what eevryone else thinks about the news section, and yes Libcom was linked on the front page but i was asked to take it down because it didnt look right eek Indyemdia graphic has to stay otehrwise they wont link us on there site but i can resize it.

Also we need to think about getting proper provider with ftp access so we can syndicate with libcom newswire.

Oct 12 2005 21:18

we could ask libcom again. we're only on ashit host because at somepoint it couldn't be accessed from some libraries aparently, but that was when it was on enrager. unfortunately the host for the domain name works very closely with the actual host, so they might get arsey about us moving...

Oct 13 2005 12:09

Okay thats sounds cool to me. But if they fuck us about with our address then might aswell leave it.

Lab Rat
Oct 23 2005 15:30

yo cheers for all d hard work! oh yeah you want graff pics, i got loads of photos bangin around. meeting tonite or what? confused