Will you be watching the World Cup?

I will be watching every game and filling in my wallchart.
71% (12 votes)
I will probably just catch my team's games
18% (3 votes)
Jingoistic, nationalistic crap I wouldn't touch with a bargepole.
12% (2 votes)
Total votes: 17

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Lone Wolf
Mar 30 2006 16:59



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Lone Wolf
Mar 30 2006 16:59

This one does what it says on the tin - the Ronseal of threads! smile

Your thoughts please re: the enjoyment of the game v its unsound nature at this ultra commodified level.

Mar 30 2006 17:12

Bizarrely, I tend to watch more football when the World Cup's on. I can't really get worked up about it too much other times (or i have too much else to do) but it's quite a laugh, particularly when you get fixtures like USA vs Iran, or as someone put it "Great Satan" vs "Mad Mullahs"

ANd there's enough of it on telly that it becomes a collective experience (well, 2 really - one watching and one avoiding)



Mar 30 2006 17:28

grrr none of the above!

i'll probably accidentally end up watching a few matches, but not necessarily england ones.

are japan playing? they rule all yo' asses tongue

Lone Wolf
Mar 30 2006 18:04

Martin H - Yeah, something like USA v Iran makes for a top fixture tongue - the barely hidden political agendas, the seething looks of hatred...etc. Can't wait and glad I'm not the only one with the wallchart. embarrassed

Mar 30 2006 19:20

I'll probably catch some of the England ones...

Mar 30 2006 19:41

If I'm in the pub and it's playing, I'll watch, but it generally washes over me. Football is good if you're there watching and shouting abuse and singing and getting excited, but it's kinda sterile on tv. I think it's cos I don't really care what happens in the game, I just want to sing and shout abuse embarrassed

Although sometimes if there's lots of hype about a game, I'll find myself rooting for the underdog.

Lone Wolf
Mar 30 2006 22:11

Ftony needs a wallchart. John clearly owns a wallchart. wink

Mar 30 2006 22:31

pity yer still absolutely shite at it wink

Mar 30 2006 22:37
revol68 wrote:
Lone Wolf wrote:
Ftony needs a wallchart. John clearly owns a wallchart. :wink:

johns a middle class ponce and only got into the "footie" after Fever Pitch made it acceptable dinner party conversation.

I however was travelling to Larne away games from the age of 5, and then i eventually got into football at about 9. grin

Its a wonder those away games didn't put you off football for life.

In the past I've watched the England matches in the world cup in the hope that the next one is the one that puts them out! Its the only time I enjoy watching football.

Actually thats not true any more - the vast amounts of stupid leftie and chucky Celtic fans make it a pleasure to watch Celtic get beat by absolutely anyone - including Rangers. I also really enjoyed watching Man City beat Man Utd, and wished I'd watched N. Ireland beat England. So really its not so much about who I support but who I most want to lose. Usually England. But most of all its just ammo for slaggin

Mar 30 2006 22:43

I take it yer talkin' to choccy there mate

Mar 30 2006 22:52
revol68 wrote:
Lone Wolf wrote:
Ftony needs a wallchart. John clearly owns a wallchart. :wink:

johns a middle class ponce and only got into the "footie" after Fever Pitch made it acceptable dinner party conversation.

You've nicked that joke from somewhere... I can't think where.

I'm not into "footie" at all. I used to be as a kid, around '92-'93 season, after playing... shit can't remember the name but some awesome football game on the Amiga.

jef costello
Mar 30 2006 23:29

SENSIBLE SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John. you are a cock for forgetting.

Not to derail but I thinkm I alrready had a thread about supporting England.

I will probably be unless Lampard is palying although I tend to watch games and pick the team shose football I like the best. They tend to lose, despite my skill at Cahmpionship Manager embarrassed

Mar 31 2006 10:42




Mar 31 2006 10:49

Can we have a "as many as i'm allowed to watch option" ?

Mar 31 2006 10:50

Aye, because last minute winners against Argentina are completely worthless.

Mr. T

the button
Mar 31 2006 10:52

"None of the above" for me. I won't be watching any of the games, because I don't like football.

Or, more accurately, mrs button doesn't like football, but the effect is the same.

Nah, really. I'm more of a cricket man myself. neutral

Mar 31 2006 11:10

I'll probably end up watching most of the games, especially if I'm in the pub anyway.

Cricket is better though, I'm watching it now infact.

Mar 31 2006 11:20

cricket is definitely the best because

* it happens in summer

* you can drink all day and the bar won't let you buy less than two pints at a time. therefore the crowd gets increasingly pissed throughout the day.

* it lasts all day and you can snooze or do the crossword or whatever you want

* sometimes you can go on the pitch (at lunchtime) without being kicked crapless by the peelers

* the streakers are ace and then the fat, unfit security guards take about fifteen minutes to catch them

* The costumes are great (except the ones where a load of thirty-somethings just plonk an afro wig on thei heads)

* it can waste a whole five days

* it doesn't cost as much as footie

* so there


oh yeah, so referring back to my last post, are Japan in the world cup this time?

Mar 31 2006 11:47

I don't think its possible to argue with any of that.

Mar 31 2006 12:10

We somehow managed to loose, thats one bad thing about cricket.

Mar 31 2006 12:11

Isn't the bad thing about cricket that's boring and shit and more pointless than football?

Yes, that's three things, fuck you. 8)

Mar 31 2006 13:03

well not all of us have massive enough brains to appreciate the delicate intricacies of kicking an inflated animal skin along the floor tongue

Mar 31 2006 13:11

Whoa! Calm down guys!

Cricket fans are ker-azzy!

Mar 31 2006 13:12
revol68 wrote:
did u miss the joke about larne being shite or just wanting to take an envious swipe at a one time legend whose fallen out of fitness through drugs, sex and rocknroll?

sex, drugs or rocknrolling? can't be yerself then wink

Oh, you'll love this! i bought a BMX, it's the fucking shizzle, of course i'll only be cycling to work on it and posing but hey.

My bike will devour your poncy wee bmx. "Dang! You got shocks, pegs. Lucky! You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"

Mar 31 2006 13:13

cricket is shite

Mar 31 2006 13:17
xConorx wrote:
cricket is shite


i dont want to generalise or anything, but only ponces like cricket

Mar 31 2006 13:20

and footie fans are such a wonderful benchmark of sophistication

Mar 31 2006 13:23

well perhaps if you left your darkened room (without slamming the door and grunting) you might realise that it isn't big and it isn't clever wink

Mar 31 2006 13:24

just look at his fucking gold earing confused

Mar 31 2006 15:08
ftony wrote:
just look at his fucking gold earing confused

Would you prefer, maybe, platinum?

It's a quality photo!!!

Edit. I'm off, leaving work early, rockin, hope y'all have groovey weekends! grin