This forum is never used because...

there are hardly any anarchists in Wales
14% (1 vote)
All welsh anarchists are very secretive
43% (3 votes)
no-one knows its here
43% (3 votes)
Total votes: 7

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May 7 2005 14:57


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May 7 2005 14:57

This must be the most underused forum on this site

May 7 2005 15:22

there are thousands and thousands of them, but they're all hidden in the hills.

they're occasionally spotted by fellwalkers. Startled, they dart behind bushes or up trees, a distant flash of a black hoodies in the wilderness of Offa's dyke...

little does this guy know, in wales you're never more than forty feet away from an anarchist

Jun 3 2005 19:36

I guess it's cause there are so many fewer people living in wales than say Scotland or England. Although saying that I know my father and some of his friends are "anarchists" but they cant use a computer so prehaps the reason its so empty is because all welsh anrchists live in caves and still haven't figured out the difference between switching a pc on or smashing it with a big stick.