pay 2007

Pay: what went wrong in 2007?

Libcom's analysis of what went wrong with the industrial disputes over the rising cost of living in 2007, and how to do things better in 2008.

Burslem postal workers extend strike

Postal workers at Burslem delivery office step up their dispute by extending their current 15 day strike by a further fortnight.

UK: Public service strike enters second day

PCS members strike in February - from Socialist Worker

70,000 workers at Jobcentres, benefits offices, the Pension Service and Child Support Agency (CSA) are on strike for a second day over the imposition of a below inflation pay offer.

UK: Royal Mail workers vote yes to settlement

Breaking news: 64% of postal workers voted to accept a settlement offer from Royal Mail bosses, which failed to meet many of the demands of strikers.

UK: Strike at Bernard Matthews called off

Not bootiful: Matthews

A strike of 1,300 workers at turkey firm Bernard Matthews for this Thursday has been called off by Unite following an injunction threat.

Examining the 2007 Royal Mail dispute

Rob Ray explains the introduction of competition to the postal service, and why it will be the government, not postal workers, who the public have to thank for the loss of cheap post and the universal service.

PCS members vote for national strike

PCS picket in Liverpool

Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) have overwhelmingly voted in favour of the union’s proposals for national industrial action aimed at resolving the ongoing national dispute in the civil service and related bodies over job cuts, below inflation pay and privatisation.

Unofficial action at Royal Mail continues

Despite official strikes being called off, wildcat strikes and other disputes continue in the postal service.

UNISON back down despite vote for strike action

Despite zero concessions from employers and a vote in favour of strikes, public sector union UNISON have backed down from announcing strike action over an across the board pay cut (also known as a below inflation "pay rise").

Post strike announcement due today

Billy Hayes

Postal workers are waiting to hear today if they'll be asked to vote on a deal between the CWU and Royal Mail, ten days after it was agreed.