Add location field to blog posts

Could we add the map/location field to blog posts? I tried doing this in admin/content type but couldn't figure it out am afraid.

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Nov 13 2009 11:54


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Mike Harman
Nov 14 2009 02:28

That form is horrible. I think I've got this working, please test!

Nov 14 2009 13:50

Yeah, that's great - although would be good to have it default expanded like all the other content types. Now that I think of it, gallery should have it enabled as well but not sure if it does at present.

Mike Harman
Nov 16 2009 04:30

OK now it's on, you can set it to expanded in admin/content/types for the blog post - should just be a checkbox. Also try copying the settings over for gallery to see if that works. If not let me know and I'll do it.

Oct 18 2010 12:05

hey, sorry I look at this but I couldn't find it, nor could I figure out how to add to the location field to image Galleries. Assistance would be appreciated!

May 7 2011 15:42

Yeah, still can't figure this out so if you could add this field to galleries, and for both have them set to expanded initially that would be great