Ethiopia: Massive protests in Oromia region suspend gold mining operations

Massive protests in the Oromia region of Ethiopia have forced the government to revoke a gold mining license for MIDROC Gold.

Strike Breaks Out at Angola Prison As Momentum Builds for National Prison Strike

A report on a work stoppage at Louisiana's notorious Angola prison, and the upcoming call for a US-wide strike in August. This post first appeared on It's Going Down.

Defending Hamilton: Reflections on the East Hamilton Rent Strike

An organiser reflects on the conditions that led to tenants in East Hamilton declaring a rent strike. This post previously appeared on North Shore Counter Info and It's Going Down.

Eritrea: National Liberation or National Disaster?

This article critiques the political situation in Eritrea as an example of a fault in the wider modern paradigm of 'National Liberation' struggles.

East Hamilton Tenants Declare May 1st Rent Strike

The Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network

On April 24th, at a mass meeting at the local community centre, dozens of tenants from four high-rise apartment buildings in East Hamilton committed to going on rent strike on May 1st. This story was first published by the Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network and North Shore Counter-Info.

Call for a Juneteenth 2018 Mobilization Against Prison Slavery

Image credit: Michael Hogue

Fight Toxic Prisons and SPARC, the organisations central to the Florida prison strike that took place at the start of 2018, lend their support to a call for a day of action against mass incarceration on Juneteenth (June 19th).

বাংলাদেশঃ ১৫ মাস ধরে মেয়াদোত্তীর্ণ চুক্তিতে চলছে চা-বাগান

আন্দোলনকারী শ্রমিক নেতারা জানান, ২০১৫ সালে চা-শ্রমিক সংগঠনের সঙ্গে সর্বশেষ চুক্তি করে মালিক পক্ষ। এতে ১৬ টাকা দৈনিক মজুরি বাড়িয়ে ৮৫ টাকা নির্ধারিত হয়। ২০১৬ সালের ডিসেম্বরে এ চুক্তির মেয়াদ শেষ হয়। এরপর কেটে গেছে আরও ১৫ মাস ২৫ দিন। তবে এখনও চা-শ্রমিকদের সঙ্গে চুক্তি নবায়ন করেনি মালিকপক্ষ। এতে করে বেতন ভাতা বাড়ানোর সুযোগ থেকে বঞ্চিত হচ্ছেন দরিদ্র চা-শ্রমিকরা।

Workers protests and strike in tea garden in Kulaura, Bangladesh

The protesters said that wages were increased every two years during the new agreement between Bangladesh Tea Workers Union and Bangladesh Tea Association of Tea-garden Owners Association. However, due to the expiry of the wages agreement of the tea workers in January of 2017, the tea workers are still working on the daily wage of 85 taka because no new agreement has been signed. Because of which many of the family members of the labor family are suffering due to misery. He said that they have submitted a memorandum to the senior authority for immediate implementation of their 20-point demand including wage hike.

Tea workers protest for renewal of contract and demand for payment of arrears

Tea workers in Sylhet have become angry after not being renewed in the one and half year. They have been involved in the movement to increase wages, renewal of the contract and demand for payment of arrears. Workers abstained in 22 tea gardens of Sylhet Valley yesterday morning in the call of Bangladesh Tea Workers Union. At this time, each garden was organized in different ways. The demand has been given from the rally to Tk 230 for wages. Workers have threatened indefinitely in the tea garden of the country if they do not accept the demand tomorrow.

AWSM: May Day Pamphlet

The Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM), an Anarcho-Communist group based in New Zealand/Aotearoa has produced a short pamphlet for downloading and distribution on May Day.