Wobfest 2010 Baltimore, MD (March 26-28)

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Wobfest 2010 Baltimore, MD (March 26-28)

REGISTER ONLINE NOW at http://wobfest.iww.org and get $5 off your registration fee!

The Baltimore branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), an independent, rank-and-file labor union, is very exited about our very first Baltimore Wobfest which will be held March 26st to the 28th of this year.

The Baltimore branch wants to invite you all to come and have an engaging, educational and entertaining experience. We are planning on having exciting workshops, bands, barbecues and bike rides!

We would love you to come and be part of this awesome event. We understand that some of you are very far away from us, but we would like you to participate in any way possible. If you can help with any ideas, advise, statements or even cookies, please feel free to send anything that would help us to make this awesome, we want you to feel as welcome as if you were here.

Hope you're well.

The Baltimore General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)



3:00-7:00 PM: Registration and wobbly film marathon at Baltimore Free School (1323 N. Calvert. St)

Friday evening: critical mass bike ride, and/or party (the details are still being hashed out)


Morning/Afternoon (at 2640 St. Paul Street)

9:00 Breakfast & Intro
10:00 i. ISC - Palestine delegation report-back (Clark room)
ii. Dan Gross - labor law (Sunday room)
11:30 Lunch
12:30 i. United Workers - leadership development (Clark room)
ii. Red Emma's - facilitation & consensus (Sunday room)
2:00 Gender Justice Collective - anti-oppression training incl. trans 101 (Clark room)
4:30 John Duda - Spokane free speech fight (1 hour)
5:30 Dinner/Roundtable Discussion (Clark room)

(Food will be served on Saturday)

Saturday Evening: Music (Location TBA):

Ray Owen (renowned Wobbly folk singer)
The Rust Belt Ramblers (Chicago Americana band)
-Local musicians TBA (various styles: hip-hop, folk/bluegrass, etc.)
-Between sets, there will be a labor history trivia game


Festivities and informal breakout meetings at Red Clover House. (Address will be provided the day before.)

11:00 AM:
i. Music and casual camaraderie (downstairs)
ii. Informal breakout meetings (upstairs)

[This is the perfect time to meet with other wobblies in your Industrial Union, organizing campaign, committee, caucus or special project. A flip chart will be present where attendees can schedule in their meetings or mini-workshops.]

2:00 PM: Barbecue!
6:00 PM: Wobfest ends
(Food will be served on Sunday)


REGISTRATION FEE (Sliding scale, no-one will be turned away for lack of funds):

-IWW Members with paid-up red card: $5 if pre-registering, $10 at the door
-Non-members: $10 if pre-registering, $15 at the door

-Housing will be available
-Children welcome

Your early registration will help us prepare for you and will provide us with much needed funds we can use to put these events together. We also need additional financial support from branches and individuals so we can pay for room rental, food and other expenses. Contact Branch Secretary Mike Pesa at baltimoreiww@gmail.com or 443-527-2280 for more information or to let us know what needs or ideas you or your branch might have. We hope a lot of folks turn out to this. Thanks!

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Feb 28 2010 00:51

Please spread the word about Wobfest!

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Hmm this should really be in the announcements section or on a blog rather than up as a news article.