Video: An act of solidarity with Greek protests in Prague

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May 17 2010 08:11
Video: An act of solidarity with Greek protests in Prague

Czech antifascists support people of Greece: Social protests in Greece are a legitimate reaction against the failure of the politics of the capitalist elites - both Greek and European. The protests are an adequate answer to the bankruptcy of financial machinations and virtual speculations. They are a clear refusal of a scenario according to which those with the least share and the minimal profit bear the main brunt of responsibility for the gamble.

We support the struggle of the unprivileged people against the power and the financial oligarchies. We refuse chauvinistic with-hunt against the people fo Greece. The tragic death of the three employees of Marfin Bank must not become a pretense for the isolation of the social movement and for its blanket refusal.

What happens in Greece today can fall onto every other European country. Greece is not alone.

To express our support we hung a large size banner on the base of the former grand monument of Stalin which stands high above the Prague city centre.

In December 2008, a wall of the Greek embassy in Prague has been painted with anarchist slogans and a homage was made in honor of Alexandros Grigoropulos. A few weeks ago, there was an attempt by an unknown individuals to firebomb the embassy and a letter of support for all Greek anarchist prisoners of war was send to the independent media.

Struggle continues

Antifascist Action (AFA)
Czech and Slovak Republic


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May 17 2010 19:18

Anti-fascist action is the new food not bombs.
Start a real group.