TV Times 24 February - 2 March 2007


In what is quite a light week for political programming the main theme seems to be the telling or attempted telling of truths with documentaries on NHS squandering of funds, censorship in film-making and dramatic monologues featuring real-life experiences of prostitution, rape and murder.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Mon 26 February – Channel 4 – 8 – 9pm – Dispatches: NHS: Where Did All the Money Go?
An investigation into what has become of the billions poured into the NHS with no appreciable difference in service.

Mon 26 February – Channel 4 – 11.05pm – 12.05am – The True Voice of Prostitution – 1/3
Series of dramatic monologues telling real peoples experiences in their own words. Tonights features offerings from a client of prostitutes, a prostitute who has a lucrative career and one who is doing so merely to survive.

Tue 27 February – Channel 4 – 11.40pm – 12.40am – The True Voice of Rape – 2/3
Three harrowing monologues from an imprisoned rapist, a woman raped at a wedding and one raped in a hostel.

Wed 28 February – Channel 4 – 11.35pm – 12.35am - The True Voice of Murder - 3/3
The series rounds off with a mother describing her 18 year old daughters death at the hands of a violent boyfriend, a widow describing how she killed her unfaithful husband and a young Iranian slain in a so-called “honour killing” has his story told.

Thu 1 March - BBC4 – 10.15 -11.55pm – This Film Is Not Yet Rated
A documentary which has previously had a thread devoted to it on these boards; a private eye is hired by a film-maker to ascertain the identities of the members of the top secret committee responsible for America’s movie certification.

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