TV Times 23-29 September

Welcome back to Class War’s TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. If watching the Labour party conference, as sponsored by Sky News, is too much for you, why not try some of these programmes?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – 23-29 September

Sat 23 Sept 10.20pm ITV3 – In The Name of the Father. Surprisingly good drama based on the story of the Guildford 4. Stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Pete Postlewaite and Emma Thompson. Could they have found anyone less like Gareth Pierce than Emma Thompson?

Mon 25 Sept 8pm CVh4 – Dispatches: The Labour Loans Scandal. What better time than the Labour conference to discuss the cash for honours issue?

10pm Ch5 – Banged Up Abroad. The first of a four part series investigating the fate of Britons jailed overseas.

11.20pm BBC2 – Folk Britannia. Last part of the series investigating folk music in the UK.

Tues 26 Sept 9pm BBC1 – Whistleblower. A nine month undercover investigation into bailiffs apparently finds they are a very dubious bunch. Whatever next!

Weds 27 Sept 9pm UKTV History – John Wayne: The Unquiet American. The rather unpleasant political dealings of the most famous American actor of his age.

Fri 29 Sept 10pm National Geographic – America’s Hardest Prisons: Supermax. Life in the US gulags.

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