TV Times 21 - 27 October

Television alienation

Welcome to Class War's weekly TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. A dreary, serious week of censoring religious fanatics, defeated uprisings and Maoist rebels is perhaps saved by the opportunity to laugh again at Lord Longford.

Mon 23 Oct 8pm Ch4 – The Dispatches Debate: Muslims and Free Speech. A debate on the demands of British Muslims and censorship.

9pm More4 – Anne Frank Remembered. Glenn Close and Kenneth Branagh relate one of the better attempts at telling the story of Anne Frank.

Tues 24 Oct 9pm BBC4 – Hungary 1956: Our Revolution. The Hungarian uprising against Soviet occupation.

9.50pm BBC1 – This World. The deadly effects of religious sectarianism in Iraq.

Thurs 26 Oct 9pm – Longford. Jim Broadbent plays Lord Langford, the man who probably did more harm to the cause of prisoners than anyone else in the last 50 years.

Fri 27 Oct 7.30pm Ch4 – Unreported World. The struggle between Maoists and government backed militias in the Indian jungle.

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Oct 20 2006 10:00


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