Tower Hamlets College strike continues into fourth week

Tower Hamlets College strike continues into fourth week

ESOL teachers in east London continue their indefinite strike. A striker reports...

Teachers again affirmed support for continuing the indefinite strike action in a mass meeting Tuesday. About 150 people voted to stay out, with 13 abstentions and no votes against. At the meeting a number of people expressed their understandable concerns about 4 weeks with no income and more people talked about how students were suffering, but many more people argued that the students know what we’re doing and support us.

Negotiations have moved to ACAS and will continue this week, with progress made on some individual cases but management refusing to meet our demand for no compulsory redundancies.

Unison voting against strike action in week 3 was a serious blow [despite a mass meeting of UNISON members voting to strike, an official ballot returned a 13-12 no vote] but those on strike and those still working continue to try to find ways that we can support each other and move things forward.

Strikers continue to travel around speaking at workplaces and community centres, gathering support and increasingly, offering encouragement to others considering strike action.

We have won a lot of concessions but some feel we could have done so much more with the power we’ve had. Our collective strength has been amazing. Of course, it’s not over yet.

How you can support the strike:
Come meet Harvey McGrath, Head of Prudential, Educational Philanthropist and Tower Hamlets College Governor.
Critical Mass from Arbour Square picket line (E1 0PT) 10:30 or meet at Bank Station 11am Thursday 22 September. Bring banners, noisemakers, new slogans.
Come to our Gala Fundraiser and Solidarity Jumble Sale
Saturday 26 September, 1pm -3pm, Roland Phillips Scout Centre, 65 Copley St, London E1 3DF.

Benefit Social – Wednesday 30 September:
The George Tavern, 373 Commercial Rd, E1 0LA

Come to daily pickets::
Arbour Square E1 0PT
Bethnal Green Centre E2 6AB
Poplar E14 0AF

Donate Money::
* Make a direct bank transfer to:
The Cooperative Bank
Sort Code: 08 92 99
Account Number: 65252262
* Send cheques payable to "UCU Arbour Square" to
UCU Tower Hamlets College
c/o LARC 62 Fieldgate Street London E1 1ES

For background and updates:

Facebook: Tower Hamlets Stop the Cuts

For earlier coverage:
see here.

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Red Marriott
Sep 23 2009 18:05


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Sep 24 2009 18:56

Thanks very much for the update. Did a little bit of something: edited title from "latest update", because with online publishing that doesn't really work. The old article from a couple of weeks ago also says "latest news" so I will edit that as well. Also added a quick explanation of what happened with the proposed UNISON strike.

Sep 24 2009 20:34

Thanks, Steven.
I wanted to let people know that this evening most people voted to accept a settlement. Going back to work tomorrow 9:30. I will give fuller update another time. Thanks everybody here for all the support.

Sep 24 2009 20:37

Wow, okay, look forward to hearing what it is - I hope you got a good deal.

Sep 24 2009 20:53

I think it will be seen as a very good deal, certainly by the national union, the SWP, etc but I feel pretty gutted. But I better let things percolate a bit before I say my piece.

Caiman del Barrio
Sep 25 2009 11:47

Hey admin, could this be moved beneath the "return to work" work by ncwob of Sept 25? On the homepage it's above it, looking confusing...