Tesco threaten to lock out staff in Cork

Management at Tesco in Douglas, Cork have threatened staff with a lockout until June.

The Douglas staff began an official strike today (29 April 2009) due to the company ignoring long standing agreements with their Trade Union, Mandate.
Workers said that management told them that if they go on strike today, the store would remain closed until June and they wouldn’t receive any pay until then.
Management at the store called small meetings with their staff members yesterday, which intimidated many workers in advance of today's strike.
Mandate Assistant General Secretary, Linda Tanham said, “We had some very young staff members coming to us in tears because of what was said to them at the company meetings yesterday.
"Tesco’s behaviour shows disregard for their staff members and their democratic right to protest at the erosion of their terms and conditions. Workers said they felt isolated and put under enormous stress and duress.”

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Apr 29 2009 10:13


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Apr 29 2009 10:24

If they do carry on the strike.Do you reckon Tesco will try to bring scabs in?

Apr 29 2009 16:18

Mandate - The union of retail, bar and administrative workers in Ireland. (I wasn't sure whether it was a typo )

Apr 30 2009 12:41