Teachers clash with police in Greek State TV Headquarters

Clashes erupted between teachers and riot police inside the Headquarters of the Greek State TV after the former entered the building trying to interrupt the speech of the Minister of Education

On Monday 4 May evening teachers invaded the Greek State TV (ERT) Headquarters in order to interrupt the interview of the Minister of Education Mrs Diamadopoulou concerning the new educational reform which is expected to lead to a radical devaluation of the greek educational system. Ms Diamandopoulou was rescued by a back door of the building, while ERT interrupted its main news broadcast refusing to let the teachers present their demands live. At the same time, strong police forces surrounded the building which they entered attacking the teachers. During the clashes within the building many people were reported as wounded. Soon hundreds of protesters gathered in solidarity outside the ERT Mansion forcing the riot police to allow the exit of the teachers. After their exit representatives of the teachers have gone public calling the PASOK government a "quisling government" comparing it to the Tsolakoglou Nazi-collaborator government of the 1940s. The teachers and solidarity protesters formed a demo and marched down Mesogeion Avenue.

The teachers have declared a 48h strike for the 4th and 5th of May in opposition to the educational reform which is believed will lead to a sharp devaluation of the educational system.

videos of the ERT incident can be seen at http://www.zougla.gr/page.ashx?pid=2&aid=131022&cid=9

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May 3 2010 20:44



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iaourti iaourtaki
May 4 2010 11:55

SOLIDARITY-ACTION in BERLIN announced on indymedia/ger for the 5th of May at 10 a.m.
in Front of the BUNDESKANZLERAMT (Merkel's Office) close to the main-train-station and the REICHSTAG at Willy-Brandt-Strasse
regarding the info on indy Attac and some "left groups" call out.
Pl try to verify for yourself because we don't have the time to do so or just show up and see what happens... (demo?)

May 4 2010 15:44

Update: new clashes erupted today during the march of the teachers. The march numbering around 10,000 teachers clashed with riot police outside the Greek Parliament after the teachers attacked police lines with sticks and projectiles.

Meanwhile, PAME activists dropped huge banners calling for the people of Europe to revolt from the Acropolis, while a series of occupations have taken place during the day in the country: Aspis Bank was occupied in Marousi, most of schools of the Upper Polytechneio in Athens were occupied by students, while grassroots unions have blockaded the High Courts of the city of Pyrgos.