Attempted military coup in Turkey

Turkish soldiers block Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge.

Ongoing updates and discussion on the attempted military coup in Turkey with contributions from working-class radicals on the ground.

A group of the Turkish Military "rebelled" (according to the PM) against the government as of July 15th, about 10PM. It is not clear if it succeeded or not yet. I will update as I learn more.

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mikail firtinaci
Jul 15 2016 20:11


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Jul 25 2016 09:13

Thanks very much for the updates and info Mikail, really interesting stuff. Yes would be great to see a more detailed article about what has happened at some point!

Jul 25 2016 12:32

Well done mikhail.

There's a massive attack on the working class unfolding here.

RT reports today that at least 3 of the 5 Turkish army regiments that were involved in the coup are part of the NATO force.
Among many others, the two Turkish pilots who shot down the Russian fighter-jet were arrested last week for "involvement in the coup" (al-Jazeerah).

Jul 25 2016 13:31

"So apparently the attempted coup in Turkey was planned over Whatsapp and there was a certain Major Karabekir who kept sharing memes to the Whatsapp group and had to be told to stop"

The Pigeon
Jul 25 2016 15:57


Jul 30 2016 14:25

There's apparently a big Pro-Erdogan demonstration planned here in Köln for tomorrow, along with counter demonstrations. both right and left.

Generally speaking the police and authorities seem pretty wary of potentially rising tensions.

Chilli Sauce
Jul 30 2016 15:07

Auto, you're in Germany?!?

Jul 30 2016 16:40

Yeah, been out here since the start of the year, working out in NRW.

Aug 1 2016 08:07

40.000 went to the Pro-Erdoğan demonstration in Cologne. Although it was promoted as a general demo against the coup and for democracy it was 100% Pro-Erdğan and AKP demo. There was also a demonstration of the german right against "islamization" etc. and different counter-demonstrations by leftists/kurdish groups. Nothing really happened. But apparently there is more trouble between Germany and Turkey because the Police forbid a video-livestream talk by Erdoğan on the demonstration.

@Auto: Interesting to see someone from SF in NRW, I'll send you an PM

Sep 2 2016 10:42

An interesting comment piece on the failed coup describing the Gulen/Hismet movements influence and shifting relationships between Turkey, USA and Russia that adds to some points made earlier on this thread but written before the latest Turkish military invasion of Syria here:

Jan 5 2017 11:27

The recent change of alliances between Turkey, Russia and Iran in relation to Syria, and the containment/isolation of the norther Syrian Kurdish regime if it survives at all beyond the USA's temporary interest in supporting it's fight with ISIS, shows no sign of any respite in Turkey's ongoing civil war amidst competing nationalism's and ideological divisions between secularism and Islamism with the later apparently rampant if this liberal commentators descriptions following the most recent attack on the nightclub are to be believed?

Apr 26 2017 13:21

The Turkish state military has now extended it's suppression of it's internal Kurdish opposition by bombing the Syrian Kurdish forces in Syria (and also inflicting 'collateral' damage on the Iraqi Peshmerga) despite opposition from the USA who have continued to provide militarily support to the 'autonomous' Syrian Kurdish regime in it's fight with ISIS - not sure where this leaves the NATO alliance - does it mark a further imperialist realignment - is it the beginning of the end for the Syrian Kurdish experiment?