Attempted military coup in Turkey

Turkish soldiers block Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge.

Ongoing updates and discussion on the attempted military coup in Turkey with contributions from working-class radicals on the ground.

A group of the Turkish Military "rebelled" (according to the PM) against the government as of July 15th, about 10PM. It is not clear if it succeeded or not yet. I will update as I learn more.

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mikail firtinaci
Jul 15 2016 20:11


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Joseph Kay
Jul 16 2016 15:02
US Consulate wrote:
Be advised that local authorities are denying movements on to and off of Incirlik Air Base. The power there has also been cut. Please avoid the air base until normal operations have been restored.

Incirlik reportedly holds around 50 nuclear weapons.

Jul 16 2016 15:13

i second what Wayne said.
is kurremak(sp) in turkey too?

Jul 16 2016 18:48

edward luttwak confirms mikail's analysis about leaving erdogan at liberty

Jul 16 2016 19:18
Jul 16 2016 20:39

Video of the above events in Gazi:

Jul 16 2016 20:39
mikail firtinaci
Jul 16 2016 21:45

Fascist and islamist had their day of rage today. It was like the movie Purge all day. Islamo-fascists burned and looted the shops of Syrian migrants ın Ankara and Konya. Mobs attacked the Alavi minority neighborhoods. I was with friends today in a left-wing, student district in İstanbul and there were clashes with the fascists all night. Lumpen mobs harassed women everywhere. It was like the Ottoman days when the sultans after conquering a city allowed his victorious soldiers to rape and loot for three days. Erdogan let his lumpen armies loose and wants everyone to tremble with fear....

Perhaps, the regime wants the streets to be filled day and night just to make sure that any other coup attempt would have to be bloody. And they make sure that proles have to die for them. Horrible night for the Turkish, Kurdish and Syrian migrant workers today.

Jul 16 2016 22:32

Cripes, This sounds even worse than I could've imagined. Solidarity from here to there, for what it's worth comrades. Stay safe tonight y'all.

Jul 16 2016 22:36

Mikail, I'm just posting things that I come across on the internet. I've no way of understanding what's going on beyond the captions I'm reading; are they accurate? How has resistance been in some of the area mentioned?

Jul 16 2016 22:56

Meanwhile, none of this is getting covered in US mainstream outlets from what I've seen. Turkey has been pushed aside for pre-Republican Convention coverage.

ETA: From the twitter feed petey linked to above:

(Can't get image to embed)
Admin: sorted.

Juan Conatz
Jul 16 2016 23:29

What is not getting covered? Turkey is all over the newspapers, news sites and news channels...

Jul 17 2016 01:51
Juan Conatz wrote:
What is not getting covered? Turkey is all over the newspapers, news sites and news channels...

The street fighting, reprisals, etc. I'm referring to cable news and rhe extent of that coverage I've seen today seems to be a recap of the events of the coup, profiles of Gulen, and a lot of retired US generals pulling the 'not that I've thought much about it, but if you were going to pull off a coup first cut communications, kill the president, arrest congress...but yeah, this is america
nothing like that could ever happen here...' routine.

P.S. thanks admin!

Jul 17 2016 12:48

To confirm some of Mikail's point above, RT reported last night that conscript soldiers, who thought that they were on manoeuvres, were being lynched by mobs although the place was unspecified. This "Gift from God" has really strengthened Erdogan's position in the short term but increased the destabilisation of Turkey and the wider Middle Eas in the medium termt.

All the world's major leaders kept quiet for a while only supporting "democracy" and "the rule of law" when it was clear that Erdogan still maintained control.

Gulen and his Hizmet faction is more than a simple dissident refugee in the States but wields enormous political power there. It is a major backer of Mrs Clinton;s presidential campaign, has extensive interests in the Democratic Party and has all sorts of facilities across America: schools, think-tanks, newspapers as well as an estimated fifty billion dollar treasury.

It's possible, but seems unlikely that the Gulen movement was involved in this pathetic attempt at a coup.

Jul 17 2016 18:19

very important work Mikhail. From what you have written the situation looks extremely dangerous for the working class and revolutionaries at the moment, not to mention other elements in society who also face pogroms, probably linked to more direct government repression. Solidarity, and take care.

Serge Forward
Jul 18 2016 08:47

Many thanks to Mikhail for all this. Keep safe fella.

Jul 18 2016 14:39

Possibly unrelated to the Coup, but the deputy mayor of Istanbul's Sisli district, Cemil Candaş has just been shot in the head after a gunman burst into his office. I believe he belongs to the opposition CHP party.


Jul 18 2016 14:49
mikail firtinaci wrote:
- The coup only had a chance if they could seize Erdogan and the government cabinet members. It is strange that they failed to do that and that is the reason behind all the conspiracy talk about a government organized concerted coup. I think that the junta had to play its hand early and prematurely because in August, about two weeks from now, the High Military Council was scheduled to gather. HMC decrees the high level military appointments and it is headed by the head of state, in this case Erdogan. Traditionally HMC is known to systematically liquidate those officers who are suspected of disloyalty to the regime by forcing them to retirement. One way or another the junta faction might have feared a mass liquidation and hence the coup. This is the most likely explanation for this sudden coup and its failure.

as talk of a sham intensifies i'm keeping this in mind.

jef costello
Jul 18 2016 16:48

According to the BBC State news is claiming that former head of the airforce General Akin Ozturk has admitted organising the coup.
70 generals and admirals detained, 11 of them have been arrested. That adds to the 8000 cops and I think 3000 soldiers.
Interesting that the coup failed to round up anyone useful but the 'response'...

Jul 18 2016 21:10

Some purge. In echo's of Stalin's purges the lists were already drawn up. Some three million civil servants are forbidden to leave the country. The Grey Wolves and the JITEM death squads are unleashed and the war with the Kurds will intensify even more.

There's great instability here and NATO and the EU will be concerned. And just as concerning for them is a seemingly anti-US turn by the AKP. Senior military in the coup were based at Incirlik airport and it's likely that they had some rapprochement with the US and Nato forces on the base. The Americans are harbouring Fettulah Golen for its own imperialist interests that represents a permanent threat to the AKP.. There's been talks with Assad, a number of them and they're ongoing and it doesn't look yet like any of the coup plotters were involved in these. And immediately after his "comeback" Erdogan had very warm words for Iran and Russia.

The whole situation is certainly unstable in the longer-term. It also looks to be fairly unstable in the short-term.

Jul 19 2016 09:02

There was talk of rapproachment with Russia some weeks ago. If the US is involved with the coup attempt, then it may have been a move to forestall that.

At the same time, relations between the Erdogan government and ISIS seem to have deteriorated (to the extent of IS bombings in Turkey). Plottings and counter-plottings around a re-alignment of Turkish foreign policy?

Serge Forward
Jul 19 2016 17:05

The Grauniad says 15,000 education workers have been sacked in purges.

Jul 19 2016 18:09

More then 45,000 people have been removed or suspended. Also 1,577 deans at all universities have been requested to resign ( and press cards have been revoked. They must have had lists of people prepared before...

There are also reports that 12 military ships are "missing". Wikileaks says that they are going to release over 100k documents/emails about turkish government/Erdoğan today.

Jul 19 2016 20:38

Wikileaks has just released 294,548 emails from the AKP, apparently mostly dealing with external matters. Looks like it's the first of a number of releases.

Serge Forward
Jul 20 2016 11:03

BBC today says:

Turkey has temporarily banned all academics from travelling abroad, officials say.

More than 50,000 people have been rounded up, sacked or suspended, including about 21,000 teachers.

Jul 25 2016 02:54

these posters were very active but haven't been on since july 21.

also hope mikail, devrim and others are okay.

Jul 25 2016 05:05
petey wrote:

these posters were very active but haven't been on since july 21.

also hope mikail, devrim and others are okay.

I thought the same thing recently. Would be nice to hear from them just to know they're ok

Serge Forward
Jul 25 2016 06:19

Devrim posted on here yesterday.

mikail firtinaci
Jul 25 2016 07:04

Hey folks, thank you for your concern, but please don't worry. I am perfectly fine and safe. I am sorry that I could not answer to the questions earlier and update on the situation. I started writing a more detailed article and that's why I did not post anything for the last couple of days.

For the time being, the islamist&fascist gangs retreated from the streets, and for the last couple of days there aren't any harassment of Alevi, secular and left neighborhoods . It became clearer that there wasn't any secular&Kemalist motive or cadres behind the coup (that is at least what many people claim). Also, since nobody came out in support of the coup the government is not targeting leftists at the moment. Things are still very tense, but the government seems wholly focused on purging the Fettullah Gulen sect. All the parliamentary parties, including the left HDP and CHP are supporting AKPs purge campaign against the Gulenists.