Coronavirus and the ill health of capitalism

Comment from the Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) on the Coronavirus pandemic, 19 March 2020.

Movie Review: Mr Jones (2019)

Review of movie about Stalin's famine in Ukraine.

An Epidemic of Stupidity & Authoritarianism

A combination of conspiracy theories, stupidity, and authoritarianism are hampering attempts to deal with the coronavirus.

Nurses occupied Bulgarian Parliament

For five days now medical specialists have been in a tent camp outside the Bulgarian Council of Ministers although their protest has been ignored by the authorities and the media refuses to report on it. Today, medical professionals have barricaded themselves in the NA Health Commission.

Philippine Senate approves 'monster' anti-terror bill

A new anti-terrorism law in the Philippines legalizes wiretapping and expands warrantless arrests and detentions. If passed into law, this will almost certainly be used against activists in the archipelago,

Anarchist prisoner Eric King facing prosecution after being attacked by staff

Anarchist prisoner Eric King is facing a serious assault charge after being attacked by a prison guard. The following information is taken from his legal fundraiser site.

Who Are The AngryWorkers?

AngryWorkers distributing their newspaper

This short film is about the political collective, AngryWorkers. Six years ago they moved to a working class neighbourhood on the fringes of West London.

Radical Politics & the Queer Community

An explorationof the intersection between the queer community and anarchism.

Rupression collective statement regarding the article “four went in the forest and only two went out”

(about “the investigation” of the
connection between the “network” case and the disappearance and death of
two young people in ryazan oblast)

Room maids strike back at a Paris hotel

Nancy Pas Reagan on the struggle of Parisien cleaners who have been on strike since July 2019.