Iran oil strike at the center of a new wave of proletarian struggles

Oil workers in Iran

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"Strikes by companies affiliated with the oil and petrochemical industries and power plants continue unabated. The strikes spread across the country to refineries, petrochemicals, oil depots and oil rigs in Tehran, Kangan, Mahshahr, Arak, Qeshm, Khark, Behbahan, Gachsaran, Bushehr, Abadan and Isfahan, and several other areas. Is. In total, the strike has so far affected more than 70 work units with 30,000 workers. Along with the spread of the historic strike of the contract workers, support has also spread inside and outside these militant workers." (example of news, source Komala)

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Fredo Corvo
Jul 1 2021 10:36



  • Since 20 June 2021, tens of thousands of oil contract workers have been on strike in refineries, petrochemical plants, and power plants. The wave of strikes and protests soon spread and took on a nationwide dimension, sweeping west to east and north to south.

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