Report from autonomous peasant congress in Indonesia

FKMA's Autonomous Peasant Congress

Short reportage from Indonesian Autonomous Peasant Congress

Dozens of peasants from various organizations in several cities in Indonesia, joined in Forum Komunikasi Masyarakat Agraris (Agriculture Community Communication Forum) or FKMA, gather in Yogyakarta to hold 2nd Autonomous Peasant Congress, 8-10 February 2013.

For three days, the peasants discuss several issues regarding the problems they face in their respective areas. Some of them are the expansion of mining companies in the people's land, the threat of land markets promoted by the World Bank, and regulations and oppressive state control of the peasantry.
This second congress intended as a consolidation space to build the vision and mission of the struggle with a more targeted, specifically the development of communication without mediation outside of the peasants.

FKMA is a forum of various peasant autonomous self-organizations, among others JMPKK Pati, FOSWOT Lumajang, FPPKS Kebumen, Peasant Union (Setam) Cilacap, PPLP Kulonprogo, SITAS VILLAGE Blitar, LPMB Banten, Bale RUHAYAT Tasikmalaya and Ciamis, Citizens Forum Cilacap, Solidarity of Lapindo Mudflow Victims Sidoarjo, Ogan Ilir Rengas Youth Front, the People's Alliance Resisting Eviction Parangtritis, and the People's Movement Anti Danone Aqua (Grapad) Banten.

FKMA declared in 2011 as a manifestation of an autonomous grassroots movement. For FKMA, autonomy is the independence of peasant in moving beyond intervention and control of political parties, governments, donors and NGOs.

Through this congress FKMA seeks to build strategic steps to develop a strong and independent peasant movement in Indonesia. By the end of the congress, the peasants call to strengthening solidarity networks and build stronger communication between them.][

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