Fascist arson attack on Stockholm sit-in

Anti-fascists hold off Nordic Youth activists

Two people have been hospitalised with burn injuries after a group of fascists armed with flares attacked a sit-in in central Stockholm

More than a dozen people were assaulted in the attack by the far-right Nordic Youth group on Wednesday evening, according to reports on social media. After the attack more than 300 people remained at the sit-in, which is a protest against deportations to Afghanistan.

The sit-in was being held between the Swedish Parliament and Royal Palace, right in the centre of Stockholm. The Nordic Youth group was responsible for a near identical attack, in the same location, on a protest to defend the rights of unaccompanied refugee children in May.

Police made no arrests after the attack and have said the sit-in must relocate to a less high-profile location, Citizens' Square, "to increase [their] security".

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Aug 10 2017 13:05


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Aug 12 2017 14:09

It looks like the stewards and the police are attempting to maintain the sit down protest whilst the demo is under attack by fascists. But it also seems that there are a fair amount of people who were up for counter attacking the fascists.

Aug 13 2017 12:06

Struggles are interlinked as Afghan refugees applaud the Stockholm garbage collectors who are on wildcat strike since a few weeks following a bid by the new shady contractor Renonorden to slash their wages by around 1000 EUR. The sit-in strike continues.