Deliveroo drivers on wildcat strike

Deliveroo drivers on wildcat strike

Workers for the takeaway delivery firm are taking wildcat strike action over proposed changes to their contracts, pay and conditions.

Hundreds of workers are staging vocal protests outside the head office of the firm in central London after the strike began early on Wednesday evening.

The IWGB union claims: "currently drivers earn £7/hour + £1/delivery. Deliveroo want to ditch the hourly rate, and move to a piece rate system, where drivers would only earn £3.75/delivery."

On Thursday evening the managing director went to talk with workers, encouraging them to enter into indvidual negotiations. This offer was loudly rejected by workers demanding collective bargaining.

Another protest by the striking workers is set to take place outside the company's offices on Torrington Place at 17:00pm on Friday evening. Supporters are encouraged to attend.

More information on the dispute can be found on the IWGB website:

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Aug 12 2016 10:57


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Aug 16 2016 15:40

West-London Solidarity Picket for Deliveroo Strikers

Seven restaurants in Wembley area have signed up with Deliveroo. A small group of us - warehouse workers, factory workers and unemployed - started with visiting one of them in Perivale today. We talked to the restaurant workers and customers, explaining that the action targets not the restaurant, but Deliveroo. We handed out leaflets to delivery drivers and suggested to the restaurant manager, that he should contact Deliveroo and ask them to stop hassling their workers. We will continue making our rounds and so should you - we suffer from the same exploitation as our courageous sisters and brothers working for Deliveroo…

Victory to the Deliveroo workers! For multi-national working class solidarity! 

Aug 16 2016 16:11

Good article on the dispute by one of the IWGB organisers:

I've been really impressed with the way they've acted in the dispute and this quote from the above article sums up their involvement quite nicely:

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is raising this question as a trade union facilitating and supporting a campaign that is fundamentally worker-led. Without being members of any union Deliveroo drivers have organised effective action to bring the world’s attention to their inspirational struggle. We have realised this is the moment when the social network strikes back against the gig economy. This is why we are backing the drivers’ autonomous action to the hilt, liaising with management and providing crowdfunded cover for the many strikers who have signed up to the IWGB over the past few days.

fingers malone
Aug 16 2016 20:55

from strikers fb page

**Breaking News**
The delegation of drivers have just exited the Deliveroo head office, having finished negotiations with Management. They agreed to the following:
- No victimisation
- No new contract
- Even if drivers have signed the new contract already, it no longer has effect and you are not bound to it
- This will be a trial until 14th September when Deliveroo will meet again with workers to assess the month's pay
- If you don't want to be on the trial, you WILL have to move zone, but you will be able to move to any zone of YOUR choice and be guaranteed the same hours you are currently on.

fingers malone
Aug 16 2016 22:01

I think Deliveroo are still imposing the new conditions, but with some quite big concessions. I haven't talked to anyone though so this is uninformed personal opinion based on facebook.

Aug 16 2016 22:38

Yeah this seems like a good result!

Although the danger will be that management will take this time to root out "ringleaders", then try to impose the contract at a later date. So hopefully workers can take advantage of this extra time to strengthen their organisation. Linking up and developing communications with riders across London and elsewhere in the UK would seem to be a priority

Aug 24 2016 09:48

The union who filmed the video featured in the above article have put a post out on Facebook saying Uber Eats drivers are about to take wildcat strike action. This isn't over.

fingers malone
Aug 25 2016 18:36


fingers malone
Aug 26 2016 07:45

Two callouts today for UberEats strike:

Couriers and supporters will assemble for a strike rally at 14:30 on Friday in Black Swan Yard at Bermondsey Street SE1

Picket at UberEats offices next to Aldgate East tube station from 11am but especially from 5-7pm

Aug 27 2016 10:59


good atmosphere yesterday. after assembly five workers went inside ('accepted delegates', rather than elected), management tried to talk them into individual conversations, but workers said 'fuck off'. the restaurant actions of Deliveroo workers seemed to have worked, one guy said that the peak-hour revenue of Gourmet Burgers was reduced from £30,000 something to £120. Uber Eats folks aiming at central London restaurants. One of the most out-spoken workers was 'sacked' - removed from the electronic database. Would be good if people organised some local pickets, list of restaurants should be found on the Uber Eats website. Good film for local propaganda can be watched here:

Aug 28 2016 16:06


maybe not immediately helpful - being in german and all - but here is a leaflet friends distributed to deliveroo workers in berlin...


Deliveroo Streik in London
1:0 für die Fahrer

Vom Mittwoch 10. bis Dienstag 16. August haben über 100 Deliveroo-Fahrer in London gegen die geplante Abschaffung des Stundenlohns gestreikt.

Vor der geplanten Umstellung: Deliveroo-Fahrer können sich für bestimmte Schichten anmelden und kriegen 7 £ (8,14 €) pro Stunde und 1 £ (1,16 €) pro Lieferung.

Die geplante Abschaffung des Stundenlohns: Deliveroo will den festen Stundenlohn abschaffen und auch die Zuteilung von Schichten und die Begrenzung, wie viele Fahrer sich für bestimmte Zeiten und Zonen einloggen können. Statt eines festen Stundenlohns will Deliveroo nur noch pro erfolgter Lieferung bezahlen: 3,75 £ (4,36 €) pro Lieferung.

Deliveroo behauptet, dass Fahrer dadurch nicht weniger als vorher verdienen würden. Weiter behauptet Deliveroo, dass Fahrer sich mehr Flexibilität wünschen würden und dass das neue System Fahrern mehr Freiheit geben würde. Und dabei fehlt es Deliveroo nicht an Geld: gerade haben sie von Investoren 242 Millionen € bekommen, die Firma wird mit über 1 Mrd. $ bewertet.

ABER die Londoner Deliveroo-Fahrer wollten diesen schönen Worten nicht glauben. Am 10. um 17:00 versammelten sich über 100 Fahrer vor dem Büro von Deliveroo zum Protest.

Hier ein paar Stimmen von Fahrern: "Sometimes you might be hanging round for an hour for a delivery. August is a really quiet month - in wintertime when people get lazy you do better. It varies. We need something ab bit more consistent, something more reliable. We have kids, we have rent, we can't deal with uncertainty." (Manchmal hängt man eine Stunde rum bis zur nächsten Lieferung. August ist ein ruhiger Monat - im Winter, wenn die Leute faul sind, geht es besser. Es kann sehr unterschiedlich sein. Wir brauchen was konsistenteres, etwas verlässlicheres. Wir haben Kinder, wir müssen Miete zahlen, wir können solche Ungewissheiten nicht tragen.)

"We work in snow, we work in rain. They don't give you a place to sit down." (Wir arbeiten im Schnee, wir arbeiten im Regen. Und die geben uns keinen Platz zum Sitzen.)

Die Fahrer waren sehr entschlossen und gut gelaunt, auch mediale Aufmerksamkeit gabs und etliche Unterstützer sind zu den Streiks gekommen. Über 10.000 £ wurden per crowd-funding für die Streikenden gesammelt. Die unabhängige Gewerkschaft Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, Couriers & Logistics Branche (IWGB-CLB) hat den Streik unterstützt. Die Beschwichtigungsversuche des Managements wurden einfach ausgebuht.

Die Forderungen der Fahrer gehen weiter: - 9 £ pro Stunde + 1 £ pro Lieferung + Kosten für Moped und Trinkgeld

Fahrer kritisieren, dass sie einem Verkehrsunfall seitens Deliveroo völlig allein gelassen werden.

Was heißt das für Deliveroo-Fahrer in Berlin? Wird Deliveroo dasselbe in bunt in Berlin versuchen? Vielleicht mit einer neuen Taktik?

Berichte der Gewerkschaft:
Twitter hashtag:

fingers malone
Aug 29 2016 21:19

Protest tomorrow demanding reinstatement of sacked worker. Meet 8am Black Swan Yard off Bermondsey Street SE1

fingers malone
Aug 29 2016 21:21

Can we change the headline to "Wildcat strikes at Deliveroo and UberEats" so that it comes up in google searches for UberEats strike?

Nov 17 2016 17:49

There is also this initiative supported by a section of Plan C which might garner wider support around the country:

Dec 5 2016 17:38

The Plan C supported effort I mentioned above is just one small indication of efforts by Deliveroo drivers to get organised but would real progress alongside competition from other companies lead eventually to this:
or a revival of 'Luddism' as a necessary strategy?
Thought this item kind of linked up with other discussion threads on the implications of AI and other emerging new technologies.

Dec 8 2016 15:56

So the second edition of 'RebelRoo' is out now and can be downloaded for distribution here:
There are short reports from London. Brighton, Berlin and Rome/Turin and promotion for the IWGB and IWW.
If any libcommers are in Deliveroo or similar jobs it's worth a look and maybe update this thread.

Dec 17 2016 17:43

Bumping this thread up just to keep it and related issues I've mentioned above alive a bit longer.

Jan 26 2017 17:42

And third issue available here now;
They are also promoting the London 'Transnational Strike' assembly 10th-11th Feb 2017 which appears to be a worthwhile objective even if this particular initiative may currently lack the organising capacity to deliver anything substantial in practice?
(information on this last initiative here:

Feb 19 2017 18:50

The 'Logistics Strike' session of the above London Assembly has a relevant audio discussion with contributions from the IWGB, IWW, SI COBAS and Plan C here:
Some references to a few of the more recent small victories of 'precarious' workers and suggestions about taking these forward but generally illustrates the low level of organised collective class action in the UK at present as compared with Italy and elsewhere. A rather mixed bag of sometimes confused contributions from the floor but I suppose things have to start somewhere.

Chilli Sauce
Feb 20 2017 11:58

Not sure if this the best thread to put this in, but I just wanted to say that the Plan C industrial bulletins for deliveroo/food couriers are freakin' sweet!

As a model for what propaganda should look and read like, I just can't remember seeing anything better:

Feb 26 2017 17:41

Not so good progress in Leeds where they need more help. See here: