Top ten Trot chat-up lines

Trotsky presents the top ten best Trotskyist pick-up lines to use on the cute Marxist-Leninist at your local paper-sale.

10 "Hey sweet thang, wanna dictate my proletariat?"

9 "My revolutionary Party has a huge, militant membership - wanna lesson in Entryism?"

8 "Is your father a commisar of production and distribution? Because he surely expropriated some bourgeois diamonds for your eyes"

7 "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you need to be broken of your false consciousness by the vanguard since without us you're only capable of trade union consciousness?"

6 "Hey baby, If I said you had a peasantry capable of being led by a tiny working class would you hold it against me?"

5 "Wanna see my bra? It's a size (Provisional)CC"

4 "Trotsky was all for women's lib, you know... have you heard of Nadezhda Krupskaya?"

3 "Is that a deflected permanent revolution in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"

2 "Like my hairstyle? I've done it up like a pimp..."

1 "Are you a girl? Please will you talk to me. I promise not to mention Trotsky"

Extra-special bonus Posadist* pick-up line:
"Did it hurt? When you fell from your sexy spaceship come to liberate the proletariat?"

Compiled with the help of the posters on and first partly published in Freedom newspaper

*The Posadists are a Marxist cult who believe that UFOs can only have been built by advanced civilisations which have undergone a Trotskyist revolution, and that they are coming here to help the class struggle, hence the government "cover-ups".

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Apr 1 2005 11:59


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Dec 21 2009 12:36

And you thought the Colonel was "finger lickin good".

Dec 21 2009 15:43

Lame, and not in a humorous way.

Rob Ray
Dec 21 2009 15:52

Did any libcommers actually get around to using any of these in the end? I seem to remember there being talk of it at the time.

Dec 21 2009 16:56

purge it. please!

Dec 21 2009 17:21

seriously. why wait?

Dec 21 2009 17:45

fuck you it says, it was written by urban 75 posters.

Yes it is awful, which is why you shouldn't have bumped it.

Dec 21 2009 19:02

so, er, why is anyone waiting?

Dec 21 2009 23:19

Is it technically difficult to convert this into a libcommunity thread, then bin it because it's an a priori trainwreck?

Dec 22 2009 01:53

"My revolutionary Party has a huge, militant membership - wanna lesson in Entryism?"

That one's pretty funny.

Rob Ray
Dec 22 2009 10:21

They were coming up with more in that facebook page:

Would you like to go to the local ministry of approved movements and take instruction on how we may best sway together in rhythm as an expression of worker harmony

was my favourite.