Anarchist organising in Northampton

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A new anarchist group is being set up in Northampton at a launch meeting this coming Wednesday 10th February 2016

The initiative started by a small group of longstanding anarchists in the town along with some local grass roots activists and independent socialist’s is now set to become a network for all interested in member led non-hierarchical organising, direct action, solidarity and mutual assistance.

Northampton town has a long radical tradition going back to its liberation during the English civil war from the Royalist’s by the Levellers, the Free Thought Society and Charles Bradlaugh to it being a billeting post during the Jarrow Hunger March.

Whilst the town has a historic radical tradition it has been lacking an anarchist organisation to bring people together to support each other; and the network being set up is hoped to be both a remedy to this and a step toward building a free anarchist community in Northampton.

As in all places; Northampton and outlying areas have many issue’s occurring that could be challenged convincingly through the creative power of free organisation and direct action and the main purpose of the network is to be concrete action as opposed to endless meetings and admin.

At the launch meeting a statement of aims and principles is to be debated and agreed which has been worked up in preparation for the last few months involving around 30 people.

Post launch the newly named network will begin its ambitious plan to act as a network for anarchists and fellow travellers with many wide ranging activities suggested such as bailiff and eviction resistance, resisting public service cuts, strike support, wage theft actions, pub socials, communal meals, activist training, discussion nights and more....

A follow up report will be sent out and the contact for anyone in Northampton Town or the surrounding area whose interested is

We wish the comrades every success with the forming of thier group!

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