Air traffic controllers on unofficial overtime ban

Air traffic controllers on unofficial overtime ban

Thirty two flights were delayed at Dublin airport last night due to an unofficial overtime ban by air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers said that no new employees have been hired since the 9-11 attacks over six years ago. Around a hundred workers work on a 24-hour roster.

They started the unofficial overtime ban last night, refusing to cover short notice sickness and absence. Their union, IMPACT, and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) agreed a grievance procedure last Wednesday at a Labour Relations Commission facilitation meeting. It's unclear as to whether any particular event led to the wildcat itself.

Last week in Ireland, a train driver walked off the job at Cork railway station over a shift payment rate, shortly followed by several of his colleagues who set up a picket that afternoon, stopping trains for several hours until an agreement was made in emergency talks.

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Mike Harman
Jan 26 2008 22:24


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