Air France cabin crew strike over conditions

Air France cabin crew strike over conditions

Air France are trying to restore services after a five day strike by cabin crew.

The strike was called by cabin crew over pay and conditions. Workers feel aggrieved that they were asked to give more when Air France was losing money and are now excluded from any benefits now Air France is profitable again.

The strikes closed down French airlines for the entire weekend, Air France claimed that the strike was observed by only 40% of staff, the union claim of 84% seems more realistic as the vast majority of flights were cancelled. On Monday, the final day of the planned strike, 70% of flights were cancelled, although Air France had insisted on a 60% service.

Air France received an official rebuke from the government for failing to warn customers of delays and faces massive, as yet undisclosed, losses as a result of the action.

Of the 8 unions involved in the action 6 have refused to join management 'talks' unless management attacks on conditions are withdrawn. Workers are also demanding several measures to respect the extra pressures of the job. Overtime bonuses for cabin crew currently begin at twice the number of hours for most french workers. Cabin crew want bonuses to begin at 67 rather than 75 hours.

Air France have since estimated the cost of the strike at €60M (£40M), with lost sales totalling €80M being offset by a €20M reduction in outgoings, mostly on fuel.

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