1. Libertarian Media Fair for the German speaking world

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Aug 7 2010 20:26
1. Libertarian Media Fair for the German speaking world

Another blank area on the map of anarchist book fairs is about to be disappear with the 1. Libertäre Medienmesse (Anarchist media fair) taking place at Oberhausen, Germany from september 3 to 5, 2010.

Already more than 40 publishing houses, internet projects, community radios, libraries and other anarchist media producers from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain have registered and their number is still growing. In addition to the fair some two dozens of book presentations, video projections, project presentations are scheduled. So if you are on a trip to Germany or the Netherlands anyhow (Oberhausen is only 1 hour from Arnhem or Nijmegen) consider a trip to meet comrades and visit the fair.

Detailed information (in German) is available at the 1. Libertäre Medienmesse website

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