Movie Review: 'The Water Diviner' (2014)

A movie review of a film about war and personal loss.

Report from AWSM First Monthly Book Club

A short summary of the first book club session held by Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM).

National Revolt in Kazakhstan

Over the past two days there have been mass protests, and talk of revolution in the central Asian Country of Kazakhstan. This Article will aim to give readers a very general idea of the situation as of January Fifth 2022.

Solidarity With Casino Workers!

A message of solidarity with striking casino staff in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Sudan: Anarchists against the Military Dictatorship

Yesterday, in Sudan, during nationwide demonstrations against the military dictatorship that seized power on October 25, state forces repeatedly used live rounds against protesters, killing at least four people and wounding many more. Security forces have killed scores of demonstrators since the coup of October 25. Nevertheless, a powerful movement based in local resistance committees and courageous street demonstrations continues to resist the consolidation of power under the military. We present the following interview with anarchist participants in the demonstrations in hopes of helping people outside Sudan to understand the situation.

Movie Review: 'Richard Jewell' (2019)

A movie review about somebody falsely accused of terrorism.

An open letter of Russian mathematicians to IMU Executive Committee regarding mathematician and political prisoner Azat Miftakhov

101 Russian mathematicians sent the following letter to the
International Mathematical Union Executive Committee, concerning the
case of our colleague Azat Miftakhov.

Dear members of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) Executive

Festival Feast After Plague (formerly Father Frost against Putin) is postponed to the next May

Festival Feast After Plague (formerly Father Frost against Putin) is postponed to the next May, due to too slow opening of the external EU borders.

Festival will be organised from 6th to 9th of May 2022.

[Italy] “Against the Green Pass, against the State”

| Italiano | English | Français |

• Trieste, Italy: protest against the Green Pass intensifies
• There is only one part of the fence…
• The Draghi government uncovers its true nature at the service of big capital and the ruling classes!
• Trento: Against the Green Pass, against the State and its Emergencies. Let’s block everything
• Nothing will be the same as before, for you

Base syndicalism at the back of beyond

This text was written by a group of workers who left the ARK in early 2021 to form a new organisation. In the text we trace the history of the union, focusing on the events in which we were directly involved. In addition to the various workers’ struggles this text includes an analysis on both the successes and the many mistakes we made over the years. We hope the victories of the workers in this history will serve as inspiration to those of you who, like us, realize the need for organization and struggle. We also hope that the analysis of the mistakes we have made will help workers and trade unionists who have taken the path of autonomous, base unionism in order not to repeat them.