The anarchist play

HENRY NEVINSON was a celebrated journalist of the early decades of this century, famous for his exposure of slavery in Angola and the Cocoa Islands. He was a subscriber to FREEDOM and a friend of Kropotkin and Malatesta. This article was reprinted in his book Essays in Freedom (1909).

Anarchism in Greek philosophy

D. FERRARO’s article appears in No. 1 of The Pluralist (Box 3015 G.P.O. Sydney, Australia) and is reprinted by kind permission of the author and editors.

Anti-Semitism – An international Interview: Hermann Bahr interviews August Bebel

August Bebel

The description of anti-Semitism has been described as the 'socialism of fools', and attributed to August Bebel. However the one time Bebel used the phrase was to criticise it in an interview.

Anarchy #045

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in November 1964, this issue is about Anarchism and Ancient Greece.