Vanguard (Vol. 3, No. 5, December 1936)

Vanguard (Vol. 3, No. 5, December 1936)

The December 1936 issue of Vanguard, an anarchist journal published out of New York, with articles by Sam Dolgoff, Max Nomad, and Luigi Bertoni.


-Makhno interviews Lenin

-War on the waterfront by Sam Weiner a.k.a. Sam Dolgoff

-The other face of fascism by Max Nomad

-Towards libertarian communism (continued) by Senex (a.k.a. Mark Schmidt)

-The A.F. of L. convention by Joseph Zack Kornfeder

-November, now, has come and gone again

-War and revolution by Luigi Bertoni

-Spanish revolution from an ivory tower

-Spain's lessons ignored by French Popular Front

-Conference of Polish anarchists

-"Moscow trials" on trial in New York

-Libertarians in support of Spanish revolution

-Vanguard group expands activities

-Another important center of libertarian activities

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For those wanting to get a small taste of movement news, this had a couple of interesting pieces

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